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  • They are the worst people...

    How can someone be? They are selfish, self serving, freedom hating leeches. None of them believe in the oath they took. What have they done that is any benefit? They haven't done anything worth mentioning in a long time. They have mismanaged the economy terribly, they can't balance the budget. They operate outside their jurisdiction, and they over tax so that they can overspend.

  • They Are The WORST In U.S. History!

    I am deeply disappointed by the House. The Senate isn't perfect, but they certainly operate in a better manner. It is ironic that the 111th Congress was the hardest working body of government in 40 years. Then, we get these slackers aka the 112th! It's disgraceful. If the average American was this inept on the job, they'd be terminated!


  • Nobody is ever happy with Congress

    I worry when I think of Congress. In my head, the judgment of Congress feels susceptible to lobbyists and special interest campaigns who have endless time and unlimited resources devoted to redefining an individual Congressman's view of reality. So first I worry that Congressmen are puppets, and then I worry about the ones who refuse to be puppets by grounding themselves in dogmas from their backgrounds or childhoods. I worry that this process complicates Capitol Hill beyond my ability to understand, and that if I understood, my attempts to fix it would merely add to the chaos.

    I suppose I have to admit I think we'd be a lot worse off without Congress, but no, I can't say I ever contemplate how creative or resourceful they are. They always make all of us nervous, and I think that's how it's supposed to be.

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