Are you happy with the current GOP's field of 2016 presidential candidates?

  • Follow our laws until you can change them. Simple ya..

    This is our country. If you are not legally here you are a criminal. If you seek across our boarders. You have to obey the law. Follow our laws not your passed country's law. Your here now. Do not like our laws then try and get them changed. Sancuary cities are breaking our laws. If you will not follow federal law then you should not receive fed money....

  • They are terrible

    Most are just puppets of their corporate sponsors. The only one who even cares about the Constitution is Rand Paul, who has no real chance of winning and believes in the flat tax, which would be a disaster socially and economically. Trump's success really does speak badly of the Republicans and what they are really like, and most of the others are just crony capitalist pawns.

  • The GOP's field of 2016 presidential candidates leaves a lot to be desired

    At first, like the rest of America, I was riveted by Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP line-up. It was great television to watch the political establishment deal with the outspoken Donald. I was one of the 23 million or so watchers of the first debate. Fast forward a few months later and the wheels have come off the train and the train is off the tracks. It is now a side show being broadcasted around the world, embarrassing the American nation. You can't write this stuff if you tried. What man calls a woman "disgusting" on national television, for taking a bathroom break. Other candidates have now been forced to step out of character. I was shocked watching Lindsey Graham attack a cell phone to try to bring some attention to himself while New Jersey governor Chris Christie calls the president "weak and feckless" on National TV because he of course would be a "strong" president that no one would mess with. And how can I forget Ted Cruz's "carpet bombing" ISIS member's families. When did looking like a psychopathic, homicidal maniac become presidential. I love politics but I almost want the election to happen soon so the madness can stop.

  • I am not happy with the current GOP's field of Candidates.

    There are too many extremists in the field of 2016's presidential candidates. All in which could result in damage to the well being America in the long run, eventually leaving a scar on America's reputation. The people chosen to be candidates for the presidential election of 2016 should not be taken so lightly.

  • I am not happy with this years presidential candidates.

    I am not happy with the current GOP's field of presidential candidates. The reason for this is if any on the candidates win I feel like we would just be electing a president, for the sake of electing a president. Look at Trump for example, he is extremely racist and will actual make the country have reverse progress when it comes to human rights.

  • I think several should drop out.

    I will be truly embarrassed of the Republican party if Donald Trump wins the nominee. I really wish some of the Republican candidates would drop out, so that their support can go somewhere else. There are way too many people in the field right now, and it just muddies the waters.

  • They went for quantity not quality

    The candidates are pretty bad this year, honestly you got Trump as the front runner, and let's just admit he's kind of dumb , and then theirs Carson who is trying to convince every one that he attempted to stab his own cousin and he's the runner up, it's kind of sad.

  • As a Conservative, I Hate Them

    Most of them are jokes, and this is coming from a man with conservative views. Donald Trump is a borderline fascist, Carson is insane, and the other candidates don't even have a chance at winning.

    The few candidates that aren't circus clowns barely have an majority in the polls at all. Good Republicans like Chris Christie, Mick Huckabee, and Jeb Bush have no support at all, the Republican nomination is undoubtedly going to go to some idiot like Trump.

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