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  • Never-ending boosters proves it cannot really be called a vaccine

    If the coronavirus vaccine requires frequent never-ending boosters, Then it cannot really be called a "vaccine" per se, As it does not provide any real permenent immunization, And one will be better off relying on their own immune system instead.
    Compare these with most other real vaccine shots (eg. Measles, Hepatitis, Rotavirus, Polio, Chickenpox. . Etc. ) that only requires at most one or two shot at the childhood age.

    Thus these whole coronavirus pandemics are all big hoaxes by the greedy big phramas for even more cash grab from corrupt big governments; while they keep making the never-ending excuses and lies of "the virus strains keeps changing variants"!

    Remember: the more shots needed, The more it proves that these coronavirus "vaccine shots" are ineffective and useless, And the more support and eveidences that it gives to the anti-vax crowd.

  • In short: no

    I'm not in favour of an experimental treatment - usually erroneously referred to as a vaccine - which may very well turn out to be more detrimental than the disease it purports to protect you against. Moreover, I'm most definitely not in favour of tyrannically/coercively making said experimental treatment mandatory.

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