• Commercial goal celebrations are a go

    I am in favor of commercial goal celebrations because it will be good for the spirit of the people involved. Any fun activity that is able to promote a positive agenda should be pursued and encouraged. The celebrations should be appropriate and not go overboard, but they will definitely be fun.

  • It matters to people.

    Yes, I am in favor of commercial goal celebrations, because the sport is very popular, and it is a good way for business to get involved. Sport is big business, and the more business that can be drawn in to the sport of football, the better. Celebrating goals commercially is a good way to invite businesses to be part of the action.

  • No, not really.

    There is something about commercial goal celebrations that drives me off the wall. It just seems like a bunch of fat cats in suits with glasses of expensive wine celebrating the profits they made off of simple working folks who put in more time than them. It's a bit pathetic.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that when a goal is made, that the player does not need to do any type of celebrating, and that they look really trashy when they do. I think that when you make a goal you need to be humble about it, and know that your good.

  • No, I am not in favor of commercial goal celebrations

    Goal celebrations should be just that and only that - a celebration of the excitement at scoring a goal in a game. To add commercialism to the celebration takes away from the game and creates an atmosphere of everything being about money. There is enough commercialism in our lives without goal celebrations turning into commercials, too. Some things need to just be simply about the joy of succeeding.

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