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  • We need more

    No, the state legislators along with all the other branches of government need more term limits. They already have too much time and do absolutely nothing, if more term limits were required then new people would have a chance to get into office and make good changes that the states and countries need.

  • No, I am not in favor of the removal of term limits for legislators

    Term limits in state politics are an effective tool to ensure that fresh ideas are making there way into the democratic system. When politicians are re-elected every election for there career, ideas on how to fix the political system become stale and it does not allow another person to bring something different into the state legislature.

  • No, I am not.

    I think term limits are very important for any politician. The reason for this is because when someone is in power to long, they begin to feel a little too god-like and get delusions of grandeur. I do think politicians should be able to run again after a few years off.

  • They serve a purpose.

    No, I am not in favor of eliminating term limits for state legislators, because state legislators should not be a part of a dynasty. A person should not be able to make their living off the backs of the hardworking taxpayers. Bringing in a variety of people also makes people more willing to make hard choices, because they know they won't face reelection.

  • Career Politicians Are Not Responsive to Their Constituents

    Term limits can keep people from becoming career politicians. With so many powerful lobbyists in Washington, D.C., the desires of ordinary voters too often get put on the back burner. Career politicians are more focused on trading votes to get what they want, too often working on behalf of highly paid lobbyists instead of on what their constituents need and want. If we have term limits, then we get more new faces in Washington, D.C. and the lobbyists will be less able to count on getting certain votes in their favor. Voters will be better represented by the people they elect.

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