• I think it is ok.

    People say it would be painfull and comfusing experience for the creature because it didnt ask to be created. But so didn't we. And most of us are compleatly happy with our existence. As long as we dont deliberetly make it live in pain it is ok. And it doesnt have to look like an abomination.

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  • Perfect world can be achieved!

    Imagine a world, where all genetic diseases are wiped out.
    All the genes for cancer are removed and replaced with better ones, reducing cancer by double-digit percentages. It would save millions if not billions of life's in the years to come.

    Next, imagine a world were everyone has IQ of 150 or 160+. That said, science and technology would quickly rocket ahead resulting in humanity discovering the secrets of universe, or creating a technology that will revolutionize the modern world similar to the agricultural revolution during neolithic era. Imagine cancer being cured or medical research quickly being shot ahead into the realm of future.

    All the mentally disabled kids due to genetics, being suddenly cured of this and being born without having their life restricted. Life is not a gift or a lottery. Its a right.

  • Genetic engineering can help humanity.

    I am in favor of some genetic engineering. Preventing genetic defects that lead to handicaps is an honorable use of genetic engineering. However, genetic engineering should be done with strict compliance to that standard. Using genetic engineering to predict athleticism, height, or these things is an abuse of the science. Such things are not necessary for the survival of a child.

  • It improves on the survival of the fittest

    Genetic engineering is beneficial in several ways. The creation of human tissues or organs can prolong lives and provide to necessary body parts to people. The creation of engineered crops makes for more sustainable food supplies in greater numbers. Overall genetic engineering should provide more benefits to humans than drawbacks.

  • Don't mess with fire

    I am not in favor of genetic engineering because it is like playing God and humans are not suppose to do that. We are not equipped to deal with the many complicated consequences that can arise regarding genetic engineering scientists will want to do this but the general public will not.

  • Yes, I am in favor of genetic engineering.

    I definitely am in favor of genetic engineering. I think that as long as we are talking about animals, then yes, I am all for it. I do not however agree with using genetic engineering for human beings. I think that in terms of animals, I think genetic engineering will help humanity.

  • It is bad

    Making humans and babies out of genetic engineering is not right and should be banned. It is morally wrong and they is no telling what could happen. The child could come out misformed or it could a disease. Finally, What is the point? Would you rather spend millions of pounds to make something in a different way or spend millions of pounds saving things that are already here?

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  • on some level

    I think genetic engineering should be used for emergency purposes only. We can play around with it to see how it impacts certain things. Like, if we ever have a food crisis and genetic engineering could be the only way to fix the crisis. People should never use genetic engineering on other human beings though, in my opinion.

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