Are you in favor of having a third sex in our society?

  • Third gender is disgusting

    If there is a third gender in real life why god didn’t let people to be born as a third gender this is all against nature and not true think about your future and how your Gonna be able to get pregnant how ur gonna tellur child ur not man or women

  • having a third sex in our society is the same as having gay marriages in America.

    Personally, I have no issue with the way transgenders present themselves in society. It actually shows a lot of courage to stand up for who you feel you really are and what you believe in. They are still human beings and aren't any more a threat to others as male or females are.

  • Are you in favor of gay and lesbian entering your society?

    People are free to be who they are. They should be free in choosing their sex or gender. No one is able to control their likes or wants. They should be who they want to be. If they want to be a gay, then they can. If they want to be a lesbian, then they can. No one can stop your likes or wants.

  • Only two genders

    Gender is biological, and it was intended that way. Men and women are different for biological reasons as in all animals to promote procreation. If the attraction between the opposite sexes was to end, then the species would become extinct.

    Those born as a hermaphrodite deserve the same respect as those born male or female, but this is an anomaly to be born this way and not the norm. Gender Fluidity is a construct of the imagination to destroy families and society as a whole.

  • God Only Created Two Genders!

    The Bible clearly states in the Book of Genesis, "Male and female, created He them." It doesn't say "Male, female and nonbinary, created He them.". Read your Bibles, people! Anybody who identifies as third gender has been deceived by the devil. And anybody else who goes along with this is allowing the devil to trick them into thinking that God created a third gender, even if they, themselves do not identify as nonbinary. God only created us as either male or female. Read the Bible and take it to heart! Do not skip over the parts that you do not agree with. The Bible is God's Word. It's not like politics, where you can say, "Well, I agree with this, but I don't agree with that." God created the entire universe and all living things. He knows us better than we know ourselves! To do something like recognizing a third gender, or believing you are a third gender, is to mess with God's plan for humanity. If God had intended to create a third gender, He would've done so immediately after He created Adam and Eve. Think about it, people! It's not right to mess with God's plan, and when you do something stupid like recognizing a third gender, or identifying as a third gender, you're doing just that! To heck with political correctness! If the liberals in today's society are going to act like a bunch of whiney little crybabies, that's their problem. They are in the wrong if they choose to recognize or identify as nonbinary. Those of us who are conservative, Bible-believing Christians need to stand up for what is good and right! Today's society is like a toilet that needs to be flushed. It's time to push the handle and flush down the stinky, crappy, liberal mess!

  • All These Gay Lesbians and 3rd Genders Are A Real Threat To Human Society.They Are Destroying The Natural Structure Of Humanity

    All These Gay Lesbians and 3rd Genders Are A Real Threat To Human Society.They Are Destroying The Natural Structure Of Humanity.
    M Totally Against All These.They Are A Threat To The Whole Humanity..
    They Are Like An Insects. And We Should Crush Them With Our Laws and Power.. Ban Gay Lesbian and 3rd Gender In India and Also In The Whole World

  • It is biologically an atopy

    Either I wish for a third gender or not, according to biology there are solely two genders. Every human, either they want it or not will be born either male or female. It does not matter at all if they feel like something else, for biology supports the existence of two and only two genders. One can not simply oppose the laws of biology, for that is iloogical and irrational. Besides, if there actually were a third BIOLOGICAL gender, it would have something unique. For instance, DIFFERENT CHROMOSOMES! Biology has taught us that the chromosomes that indicate one's gender are XY for men and XX for women. There is no other pair of chromosomes, thus no other gender

  • Having a third gender invites persecution more than freedom.

    Have we attained perfect equality between men and woman already? We're a long ways away from getting two genders to treat each other well. Adding a third gender is like adding a third party candidate to a two-party presidential race--the third party candidate usually gets decimated. Labeling people as a third gender will make it easier for society to discriminate against them, far more so than the opportunities to bring about equality. This is why most intersex societies oppose labeling intersex individuals as third gender. People would use the label more to exclude individuals rather than as a way to be inclusive. If you're a man who like to wear pink, now you're third gender. A woman who gets a job on an oil rig, she's now third gender. It's better to have two genders that are large and allow for a lot of variation than three or more genders that will become increasingly exclusive over time as stricter definitions get applied to who is allowed and who isn't allowed to have the label third gender.

  • Yes, no, maybe so...

    Can we legalize marriage with them? That will be an upcoming question. What is a 3rd sex, I now ask? I am assuming we mean those with no genitiles or male and female genitiles, or perhaps the OP has learned of yet another sex or is creating one in their mind. A 3rd sex could be someone created in a lab I suppose. What are they like is my next question? I'm invisioning someone with male genitiles and femal3 breasts and the ability to give milk to infants but no ability to carry a baby. Another version is one that can carry a baby with male genitles but female reproductive ability through artificial means. Wierd.

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