• Anti Elitist Democracy

    I am pro- participatory democracy because it battles the notion that government is run and made for the elite in society. A participatory democracy advocates that ALL people have something to contribute and thus, should be encouraged to give input on what effects their lives and well-being. This is in direct contrast to a representative democracy, in which representatives who are often well-to-do are put in the postition to speak on behalf of people they cannot possibly relate to or understand.

  • No participation, no democracy

    If people aren't allowed to participate in their own democracy, then what is the point of having a democracy? Is it still a democracy if people do or are not allowed to participate? If people choose not to participate, then that is their right. If they are made not to participate, then that is a problem. I am in full agreement with a participatory democracy.

  • Yes I do favor participatory democracy.

    Yes I support participatory democracy since its goal is to create chances for all the members of a given population to make contributions to decision-making process in a meaningful manner. It also broadens the demographic of people who are given the chance to be a part of the democratic process, either by voting or as a part of the law making process.

  • Democracy should not exist

    Democracy is a bad idea for it gives equal weight to the views of the ignorant and the wise. Most people in any population are vile, ignorant, stupid, low class, degenerate, selfish, lazy and unprincipled. It is not a good idea to allow such people to determine how society is run. Rule by the wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, cooperative, morally good is the best form of rule. The masses should not participate in any way in determining policy, nor should they be allowed to vote. To the extent that voting has been extended to various groups, society has degenerated.

  • not at all

    No, the only democracy that i am in favor of is the kind that the US is in right now. I think that it is the best form of government that you can have, and that it makes a lot of people get treated really fair and to be treated right.

  • No, I do not favor a participatory democracy.

    I do not believe in the concept and beliefs of a participatory democracy. I think such a concept would not be efficient and would not serve the best interests of the general public. I think the form of democracy we have right now is the best way to go about things.

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