Are you in favor of Regulating Health Insurance to a not-for-profit status? If not, should private Health Insurance have a Cap on Profits?

Asked by: Peacyone
  • End the Blockages to your Health Care.

    Good pay for Good Work through competition. We've been through the Government placing regulations that restrict the Industry from covering costs through investments enough, through them requiring Reserves. All well intended, but out of place in todays market, for they merely passed along the cost to the insured. We need to rethink regulations and create those that make sense. Allow the Insurers to invest again to cover costs. Get them out of the lets get rich quick schemes by oversight of reserves, holding accountable those who'd walk off with reserves and re-open under a new name. We need to encourage competition by capping profits, so that our moneys go to those doing a good job and keep our costs down.

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