• Yes, Reporter's Privilege Stands in My Eyes

    Reporter's Privilege is guaranteed under the First Amendment. A reporter/journalist should be able to GUARANTEE anonymity to a source. To that end countless circuit courts have upheld this privilege, and many states have enacted "shield laws" which protect anonymous sources. It is frightening, indeed, when one examines the Judith Miller case. Ms. Miller spent prison time for her refusal to disclose a source. In view of such a violation of constitutional rights, Reporter's Privilege must prevail.

  • Reporter's priveledge is important

    I believe in reporters priveledges because without them it could curtail freedom of the press. The media is suppose to shine light on where darkness covers up corruption and this would be harder to do if reporters could not get information that they need. Freedom of the press is crucial to a free society.

  • Yes I Am

    I am in favor of "reporter's privilege." I believe this concept is necessary to ensure that journalists can obtain the information they need to get information out to the public. I do not believe it is wise to use reporters and journalist as bait for authority. Reporters obtain their information in their own time to complete their job, they shouldn't have to divulge the sources for any reason.

  • favor of "reporter's privilege"

    I personally agree,Sometimes. While this question is often asked in the mainstream media and on blogs, it does not frame the debate very well. You can use blogging software for journalism, and many bloggers do. But you can also use blogging software for other purposes. What makes a journalist a journalist is whether she is gathering news for dissemination to the public, not the method or medium she uses to publish.

  • Reporter's privilege, in certain circumstances, should be overruled for the greater good.

    A reporter's right to keep his or her sources confidential is a part of the First Amendment of the Constitution. However, when the information the reporter has can aid an investigation or help the people of the United States in some way, there should be measures taken to "inactivate" that privilege, so to speak. For example, if a reporter has a source that has information that can exonerate an inmate on death row, that source must be made available as soon as possible. When people's lives are at stake, those rights should be overturned.

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