• I would like to see Supreme Court proceedings

    Unfortunately for the Supreme Court Justices, much of what they deal with is not interesting. There are the occasional cases that are of great concern to the populace. I think a non-profit network like C-Span could benefit by televising these cases. The people deserve the opportunity to witness the Supreme Court in session. It may help people understand what the real reasons are for the Supreme Court decisions. Few people even know that Supreme Court rulings are recorded and playable on the internet. Televising them could make the Supreme Court more citizen friendly

  • I am in favor of televised Supreme Court proceedings.

    I believe that Supreme Court proceedings should be televised. All government proceedings should be open and available for public view. We have congressional hearings broadcast live on C-SPAN and its affiliate networks. If we want people to be interested and involved in the process of government, we should make it accessible to them.

  • Yes we have a right to see

    I am in favor of Supreme Court proceedings being on televised. They should not have anything to hide and it is our right to see what goes on. Most of the country will not want to watch it but those who would should have a right to access. Plus television is not 2 way communication so there is no interuption.

  • Yes, I am in favor of televised Supreme Court proceedings.

    I am in favor of televised Supreme Court proceedings, because, In my opinion, the public deserves to know about the goings-on of the court world, and satisfy their curiosity. If the public wishes to abash their ignorance, they completely deserve that right. I can see where people of another opinion would be coming from, but I do not agree.

  • Yes, I am in favor of televised Supreme Court proceedings.

    Since the Supreme Courts decisions effect every American in one way or another I think that all proceedings should be public and televised so those who wish to keep updated on the process can be tune in, I don't think there is any need for secrecy and close door dealings in Supreme Court proceedings.

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