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  • The proposed Corporate tax plan is another stick to beat Obama administrations opponents and traditional whipping boys.

    The plan as proposed takes aim at the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Yet rather than reducing rates across the board it aims to reduce rates generally and remove incentives only for those in industries that this administration regards as its enemy, namely oil & gas. If this plan goes into effect it will strike at the wallet of the average American citizen through higher energy costs and it will not significantly reduce the challenges to businesses operating in the United States.

  • Sales Taxes are Better

    Sales taxes are a much better idea in today's consumer-based society. Corporate taxes should be reduced and private consumers should pay a national sales tax in order to fuel extra revenue to the U.S. government. It's not that hard to implement, the tax code can be simplified and outdated income taxes will be eliminated altogether with a national sales tax on all consumer goods.

  • you mean the tax plan they do not pay

    It must be nice to have a whole slew of lobbyist and lawyers at your disposal. The things one must be able to get away with. Meaning, I am not in favor of the corporate tax plan, because they have to many loopholes, and are aloud to do shady things so they so not have to be taxes. They are allowed to get away with things that the rest of us would not be able to do in a million years.

  • No, much revision is needed

    I think the current corporate tax plan is a farce. It taxes companies in a way that forces them to move trillions out of the country to protect it from taxation. Either ensure this cannot happen or structure the tax code in a way that allows corporations to reinvest the money in the United States.

  • No,we should not

    I think we should step away from hurting business in anyway or form right now. They already have gone overseas. The best way to bring them back is to give them incentives to stay in the states. The country has shifted to a service field a long time ago,and even that is going overseas.

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