Are you in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Asked by: clarktw
  • I am completely in support of their message

    Statistically black people are targeted at significantly higher rates than white people. We've had former police officers come out and say that they would go into predominantly black neighborhoods to make arrests to meet their quotas, because there were too many "what ifs" if they patrolled the suburbs. What if they arrested the judges son, or the head of the school boards daughter etc. The list goes on. No, so they go into predominantly black neighborhoods looking for situations to make arrests. Also, we've seen countless times, again and again, that the way some officers deal with situations when it's a black person involved is drastically different from the way they deal with white people. I recently saw a video of a white guy carrying a rifle on his back in an open carry state. The cop pulls up and asks for his license, after a few minutes, the man was on his way, no other questions asked. Fast forward, a black man was carrying a rifle on his back in the same neighborhood, mind you this is an open carry state. The cop pulls up, jumps out rambo style and gets behind his car. Gun pulled, asking him to get on the ground. The guy didn't ask for his license or anything, he just assumed that because there was a black man in front of him with a gun on his back, he was a criminal. This is a major problem here in America. We need to clean this up. I 100% support their message.

  • Truth behind "BLM"

    BLACKLIVESMATER is not saying black lives matter more than others. I don't why people feel the need to comment ignorant things on here. Yes its your opinion. The focus of this movement is the put a stop to the police killing blacks. So if that's the focus why would people carry around "allivesmatter" signs. White people say were aggressive and we are putting black people on a pedestal. What else are you supposed to do after being enslaved for 245 years. We couldn't use the same bathrooms until the 50s but we're the ones who are saying we're more important. What about the 6,000 guys running around the woods burning crosses. And chanting that if you are not a "WHITE MALE" that you should burn in hell. At the end of the day we all have to live in this country so why not make it work?

  • Misconception about BLM

    It seems that a lot of people who aren't in support of BLM seem to think that stating Black Lives Matter, means others DONT. This is false, and promoting this message is not the mission of BLM. The point is to reinforce an idea that seems to have been abandoned in todays society in America. Stating Black Lives Matter is meant to be a response to various injustices that have occurred recently. Ie, the killing of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown. And this message has then opened up the door to talk about our society as a whole, and the disadvantaging of the black community. I think that every person should be able to see the merit of the Black Lives Matter movement, and see it as a way they we as a country can improve ourselves. And open up the door to talk about not only how to improve the lives of Blacks in this country, but other groups as well. Women, Asians, Hispanics, Gays, even those who are just of lower socioeconomic status. BLM was never meant to be divisive. It was meant to bring attention to a seemingly forgotten group. Yes we know ALL LIVES MATTER. That was never in question; what happened was it seemed as though Black wasn't included in ALL. For those of you who don't understand the problem with countering BLM, but saying ALM, would you go to a Cancer walk and bring up that your mother or father has Alzheimer's? And it isn't fair for all of the attention to be on Cancer?

  • Absolutely. America needs Black Lives Matter.

    Of course all lives matter, but most of the people who shout those words at Black Lives Matter supporters are people who will never have to deal with fears that African Americans grow up with. People ignore the truth and the facts about the kind of world black people have to live in. There is inequality and racism, and a disgusting majority of people look the other way and choose not to see it. That's not an attitude this country can support.

  • There's a difference between "BLM" and "black lives matter"...

    As I indicated in other posts, "BLM" is an absolute horribly name/slogan because it confounds issues and the average Joe isn't going to grasp the underlying point. A benign statement or assertion of "black lives matters" is fine, but "BLM" is in, my opinion (based on story observations), a bunch of racist, uneducated, biased, contradictory bullies highly prone to violence (or at least allowing it to occur around them) and intimidation tactics. The two [more] recent news stories involving the McD's Marine and Red Bull Skating protest just tack on more evidence. Relating my Joe comment to the McD's situation...Here's what you end up with: black youths gang attacking someone shouting "blm" and "racist". This is what BLM does and encourages: it's screaming accusations of oppression, racism, etc. while enacting violence and intimidation... Anyone care to note we have tons of evidence of their violence, but very little of their claimed racism??? Just all perception. As for the skating situation...Yeah, a cop did entice some criminal behavior, but was quickly fired. Which is what BLM was calling for, as well as protesting the skating event. Well...After the cop was fired...BLM still indicated they intend to protest and disrupt the skating event anyways. Bet you have questions right? Like, WTF does a skating event have anything to do with what the cop said? And, if what they wanted happened, why still disrupt an irrelevant event? Bottom line, BLM is a domestic terrorist group. If you encounter them, treat them as such...And have your camera ready.

  • I am not

    Do White lives matter? Yes. Do Asian lives matter? Do Mexicans lives matter? Yes. Everyone's lives matter. You don't see any White people or Asians go out on the streets and rallying. What this country needs is racial equality. I don't care if you're white, black, purple, blue, you are a human. And all of the protest that are happening in the UNITED States of America. We need to be United. This is America, the greatest country in the world. Let's keep it that way. 'Merica!

  • It's not a civil rights movement

    If this were a movement for civil rights, I would back it completely. But it stands out in history as something else, a protest against aggression that is hyperbolized and dramatized. The citizens of the United States are the freest people perhaps who have ever lived. Any argument that civil rights are being denied in this massive racially discriminatory scale is absurd. Of course, there is still prejudice and racism rampant all over the country, but the civil rights are written right into our law. BLM terrifyingly represents the O.J. Simpson case, where blacks took the opportunity to 'get back' at the whites for something that happened generations ago. History proves that when a people is free from external strife, domestic conflict slowly builds. In this Pax Americana, America's freedom will cause it to implode. A free people will not always keep their time occupied with the best things.
    These people simply want something to be mad about, something that is in no way honorable and certainly does not stand for civil rights.

  • I am not in support of BLM.

    And why should I? Why should I support a movement which tried to stop whites from entering a meeting in the Nashville Public Library? Why should I support the movement after the nonsense they pulled at Mizzou university? Why should I support a movement when one of their "inspirations" (Assata Shakur) is a murderer? Or what about another one of the movements leaders; Yusra Khogali who actually needed to pray to Allah to prevent her from killing white people and men? Because apparently, you need to pray and show strength not to go on a killing rampage. Why should I support an organisation when they are rioting in the streets, causing unrest and basically burning anything they touch?

    As such, I see no good reason to support BLM as it stands right now. The movement has a history of being violent, condoning violence and it has ties to a hatred of whites (yes, that is racist). If BLM wants to be taken seriously, then I suggest the movement opts for civilised discourse. That means not being utterly despicable, by hi-jacking a vigil for the victims of Orlando, and that means not causing riots in the streets. Protest all you want, but do not riot.

    Until BLM can show qualities that are not deserving of such condemnation, the movement has a snowball's chance in hell of getting any support from myself.

    Posted by: Spud
  • Good message, wrong methods.

    I would support this movement if it wasn't for the fact that many of their rallies and "peaceful protests" block highways and end up destroying large parts of cities. Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, a few others. What if this were to happen in my own city? This just isn't acceptable. I understand the African American community is mad about the way police treat non-white suspects, that is a problem sometimes, but this isn't the way get change. It's immature, they don't even realize that their methods hurt their cause rather than push it forward.

  • I support the idea, but the execution is AWFUL

    The original idea of BLM is to stop police racism towards African American people, however it has devolved into riots, violence, and overall terrorism. They have killed people because of race, they have caused massive and expensive damage to public property, and are just overall a terrorist act. And I know that someone below will reply that they aren't terrorists, but the definition for terrorism states, "the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."

  • Misconceptions about BLM don't matter

    Black Lives Matter is always caught saying that the movement is peaceful and they don't support violence of any kind (This is said on their website), yet almost all BLM movements seen to date have had instances of violence. For Example: Detroit Riots 201, Ferguson Riots, etc. Black lives matter in their pursuit to end non-existing police prejudices have lost what their purpose is even centered at and have tried many times to silence the opinions of those who have a different opinion, for example: Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul University.

  • Its a stupid movement.

    It was built on the "hands up don't shoot" MYTH about Michael Brown, a criminal who charged a cop. All BLM does is harass people--in restaurants, malls, events, ect. They block roads and side walks. They riot and some even beat people up. Its a stupid movement that needs to change its tactics.

  • The whole thing is a farce.

    I want to see the drove of people that are marching the streets saying "no they don't!" Because that's the only thing that would necessitate this largely grotesque cop-hating movement. As conservative debater Ben Shapiro put it "Black lives don't matter to #BLM." Because if they did, then the BLM would focus on the biggest issue plaguing the majority of black communities, which is children born out of wedlock, which 2,000 black ministers from all faiths also came together and identified as the main issue in the 90's.

  • I am ALM.

    I go for #AllLivesMatter. I'm always confused as to how people think that, because I advocate AllLivesMatter, I don't believe everyone deserves equality and cannot see that African Americans do suffer from inequality. I feel fighting for everyone simultaneously is better than focusing on one side. And, the way BLM goes about it is not something I can support. Their message is something I advocate though. If anything, I fight as BLM whilst being ALM.

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