• Yes, I am inconvenienced by closings on Good Friday from a moral stance

    While I understand that many people feel Good Friday is an important holiday in a religious aspect-I feel that due to the fact that I do not practice this religion, my family and friends are inconvenienced on several levels. I don't think it is fair that schools are closed but they are not closed for other religious holidays such as Passover-to name one. We should be able to go into any and all stores on Good Friday because it is not a National Holiday but rather a religious one.

  • Although it is not my decision

    I may have an inconvenience when trying to maybe buy something on Good Friday however it is a holy day. Whether the owners of my favorite gift store work on that holy day is their decision in which they decide for themselves. I understand that it may cause an inconvenience for the workers or owners of a store to work on such an important day. So yes I have been inconvenienced by the closing of a store because of a holy day but it is acceptable and if I truly need what I wanted to buy that moment I can drive another 30 minutes or so to find a store that is open.

  • Where are these closings happening?

    I live in an area with a fairly large Catholic population, and I didn't notice any closings. I spent the day running errands and shopping, and every place I went was open. I visited both "big box" stores and small local shops. And, honestly, if a shop was closed, I would just go back at a later time. All of the chain stores are open on Good Friday, so honestly, how could you possibly be inconvenienced? Our society is spoiled by instant gratification. I promise, waiting one more day to buy something is not going to bring the world to a screeching halt.

  • Good Friday Closings!

    Good Friday is usually a day to celebrate and even go to church. In many cases, schools and businesses close due to this holy day. It is an inconvenience for a popular store to close on a weekday but I personally haven't been affected directly by the closing of any business or place of employment. As more people celebrate this day one can predict many inconveniences will result due to numerous closings.

  • Good Friday is Important

    I am not inconvenienced by closings on Good Friday. It should be considered just an important of a "holiday" as Easter itself. When a holiday is coming up, I'm always sure to have the food and necessities that I need on hand. You can plan your life around a store closing for a holiday.

  • Not that many businesses are closed on Good Friday

    I've noticed that there isn't a huge trend of stores or businesses being closed on Good Friday, but the fact that I live near the beach could also be a factor in that. Many local stores where I live start opening up around this time of the year. It's not so much a big deal anyways because the local convenience stores and gas stations only close for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Posted by: S.K

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