• I am interested in learning Hindi

    I would definitely be interested in learning Hindi. Working as a translator could make some decent money. I think another language would probably be more beneficial though. I think the best foreign languages to learn at this time are Spanish and Chinese. There are more Spanish and Chinese speaking people in America than Hindi speaking.

  • Language, conversation, practice

    Basically it's not an argument but a justification. It's said : AGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LEARNING SOMETHING NEW (LANGUAGE). Latest scientific research proves that if our brain is occupied there are less chances of getting affected by DEMENTIA and other old age diseases. Prevention is better than cure. One of the ways to keep brain busy is to learn a foreign language. I recommend an Indian language Hindi which is very similar to German and Japanese. How about learning Hindi ? Take a first step to take trial lesson.
    Wish you ALL THE BEST.

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