• I am legitimately concerned about Ebola.

    I come from a family who doesn't cry if you fell as a kid or if you got hit by a ball, you just had to suck it up. Although this time, my family actually has concerns about this disease and are actually scared. This disease came out of no where and it is still spreading, they also don't have a cure yet!

  • Yes, I am concerned about Ebola.

    I am concerned about Ebola because it is a fast spreading virus, and I know that as soon as it gets into one area, if the right precautions aren't taken it will go viral. Another thing that doesn't help is that the governents are hiding alot of secrets from us, so there are still so many things that we just don't know.

  • I'm concerned about Ebola, even with the low probability of it coming to the United States.

    The National Media in the United States, alongside primarily conservative politicians, are sensationalizing Ebola for their own political and/or financial gain. As terrible and insensitive as that may be, I still find myself concerned about the well being of our fellow man across the ocean in Africa. I think we, the US, alongside other countries with well-developed health systems, should be doing more to help thwart the disease. Now, of course, if by "concerned" you mean "panicked" I'd say no. Nothing good ever comes from hysteria.

  • No, Ebola is widespread where basic healthcare precautions are not taken

    No, I am not concerned about Ebola. Ebola can only be spread through very close physical contact with a contagious person. Basic precautionary steps such as hand washing can kill the virus, and correct use of protective equipment such as gloves and masks can prevent the spread of the virus. In the developed world I believe we have nothing to fear, as infection is unlikely, and could easily be contained by responsible citizens and our government.

  • I am NOT legitimately concerned about Ebola.

    I truly believe that the hype created by the media is exactly that, hype. To my knowledge, there are less than a handful of known cases in the U.S. and only one person has died from the disease. A Facebook friend of my posted a photo from a college lecture on biology in which the slide read, "More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have Ebola." Perhaps the overreaction is not a bad thing, however, because it seems that now any potential case is handled and contained with extreme caution.

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rphk123 says2014-10-26T01:42:15.093
I live in the middle of nowhere so I'll be just fine.