• Walmart is not safe.

    The service at Walmart is dreadful. This may not seem like a problem, but it is. Once, i was at Walmart, and i asked an employee if they knew were the crayons were. They just said yes, and continued with their work. The meat products are horrid, and the clothing is worse. The store altogether is often disorganized and filthy.

  • I am here to get attention

    Walmart may have low prices but with low prices come low responsibility, Walmart does not give the living wage and is a cause for putting people in poverty, I really do not have any argument I just wanted to be the first person to say "yes"... *I have no opinion*

  • No, I am not.

    I think if I were to stop shopping at any store that use low income labor then there wouldn't be any places to shop. Walmart gets a lot more flack because they are the biggest, but places like Target as just as bad and yet no one boycotts them. I gladly shop at Walmart.

  • I am not morally opposed to shopping at Walmart.

    Walmart is a store that is necessary to helping lower income families have things they need or want. While there are many issues with poor service, and disorganization, and maybe even some cooporate problems, they still offer low prices on great products for every area of the home. From clothes and shoes, to toys, books, movies, and even furniture, Walmart has a lot of quality products at very affordable prices.

  • They have low prices.

    No, I am not morally opposed to shopping at Walmart, because they do their best to keep their prices low. The large grocery stores aren't trying any harder to stomp out child labor or other abuses in China, they just charge you more and say that they are. Walmart employs a lot of people with disabilities and provide a lot of jobs.

  • No, I am not

    Although I do not agree with everything about Walmart, I am not morally opposed to them. They are one of the only big stores in my area and although I would rather shop elsewhere I do not have much choice. Until another store is able to compete with prices I will have to continue to shop there.

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