Are you more prepared for a zombie apocalypse than an alien invasion?

  • Just proving a point

    Ok so first off theoretically we already know how to kill a zombie. Bam headshot done. Others say enough bullets to the body (call of duty) and logic says make zombie go boom. Besides we are humans it process of elimination people well find a way. Gun? No. Knife? No. Fire? No. Bombs? No. Cures? NO AGAIN?!?! Who cares? Well find a way through it. Chop off theyre heads and put them in a pit. Body still moves put body in pit. Climbs out? Push it back in. Climbs back out again. Use instincts and GO AWAY FROM IT. It follows. Go faster. It runs. Run faster than person behind you. By yourself? YOULL FIND A WAY!

    Plus theres these which are pretty awesome videos


    if they dont work go to youtube and type in
    are we the last of us (vsauce3)

    are we ready for aliens (also vsauce)

  • Mainly because theoretically we know hot to kill zombies

    Unless zombies are/will be/could be a demonic force of death, we pretty much know that a head shot will do the trick or enough bullets to the body (if you believe video games like call of duty) or logically an explosion that completely destroys the entire zombie. We have no clue who or what aliens will do or be for all we know they could be flying nuclear and bullet resistant shelled sharks with death lasers and tracking robots and all that stupid crap. There are too many possible variations

  • Yeah in fact its probably easier to prepare for zombies than the aliens

    Zombies are "easy" to kill in all the games movies shows etc. Not easy meaning it wont take you a second. Easy meaning its usually just a head shot or enough to the body (in games). Aliens we are completely unprepared for aliens. There are so many different variations that they could be. For all we know they could be nuke-proof bullet-proof walking flying and swimming sharks who have beef with earth and are practically invincible

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