Are you more satisfied with the economy now than you have been at any point in the last 10 years?

  • Yes, satisified with the economy

    Since the low period of the late 2000s, the economy seems to be doing great. There is always discussion of the number of jobs being created, as well as the strength in the American dollar internationally. This confidence has a good deal to do with the increase in shale gas, and the lower of the world oil prices too.

  • The economy is worse for the middle and lower classes now, than ever before

    The economy has not improved for the average worker. The only jobs added to the economy are part-time jobs. Many people are completely off the employment grid, meaning that they are no longer counted as part of the workforce. Some people are prejudged to be unqualified because they have been off work for too long or their credit rating is too low. The median income is drifting farther away from the American Dream to make life better. Costs to live are more expensive, premiums are higher and the burden is tougher. Workers are asked to accept less and less for the same amount of work. There are more restrictions for the average citizen to overcome their status and elevate in the current society. The only people who are gaining more income are the 1%.

  • My financial situation is the same.

    I know that a lot of people judge the economy by what they think they're supposed to think. Influenced by media that has an agenda to spin things toward a certain point of view, they follow the herd. Personally, I've found my financial situation to be largely unaffected by changes in politics or economic factors over the past decade.

  • No, I am not more satisfied.

    Although I read that the economic picture is much brighter today than it has been for a while, I think that it is falsely reflecting the reality of many people in the US right now. To me, it is a question of your demographics, where you live, your age, and so on. I believe that the reality is that a greater many people have dropped out of competition for jobs, not only on the individual level, but in large pockets of the population. Many people have settled for a marginal existence out of hopelessness because of their circumstances.

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