• Yes, I am definitely mourning the loss of celebrity lemur Zoboomafoo.

    So often, we humans take for granted that the gap between us and the animal kingdom is a vast gulf, that our intellectual capacity sets us apart from the rest of nature. Yet at the same time, we're capable of forming bonds with animals that equal those formed between humans, and in the case of Zoboomafoo, even an animal that we've never even met in real life. Clearly many people, adults and children alike, felt this way about Zoboomafoo, and we all mourn his death.

  • Beloved lemur, Zoboomafoo, will be missed

    My daughter used to enjoy watching this show as a kid and I often watched it with her. I was so fascinating to see him interact with the hosts and it was a great way for kids to be introduced to a creature that was not the typical kind of animal you would see in children's programming. My daughter is grown now and it's been a long time since I thought of him, but there are sure many memories there.

  • No, I am not mourning the loss of celebrity lemur Zoboomafoo

    No, I am not mourning the loss of celebrity lemur Zoboomafoo. Partially because I had not heard of Zoboomafoo prior to this, and also because I do not mourn the loss of anyone or anything that is not a close relation of mine. Mourning for people and animals you do not know is not worth the heartache in my opinion.

  • No, I am not.

    I have not heard of the celebrity lemur Zoboomafoo so while I'm sure that this is a tragic event for those close to the animal, I myself have been focused on other news issues of concern. In general, the focus in my opinion should not be on celebrities, including celebrity animals, but on geopolitics.

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