Are you of the deviant, narrow minded few that dare disagree with the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un?

Asked by: UtherPenguin
  • Yes I Am

    Just because he is supreme leader does not make him right, or wise, or anything positive. A leader does not have to be any of those things, they merely need the backing of a sufficient number of foot soldiers who benefit from the leaders favour.
    Remove that favour, and the foot soldiers will simply install another leader in their place.

  • I am disgusted

    These capitalist imperialist pigs think they know better and they may doubt the maxims of our divine leader Kim Jung-on? They are brainwashed by democratic anti-proletariat dogma that causes them to develop delusions. The glorious leader was put on Earth by the gods themselves (Who do not exist because religion is anti-communist) and to doubt him is to insult divinity. Hail the glorious leader!

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-05T12:46:54.873
Who's Kim Jong Un?