Are you okay with torturing people for information?

Asked by: Arjai
  • Violence is sometimes the only way to make them talk

    Threatening death upon a victim, mutilation or giving them excruciating pain are two tried and true methods to make them talk. As much as they are terrible things to cast upon people sometimes it's the only way to get through with someone who is ready to give their life to not give the information.

  • Okay with it? Interrogations is the fun part of being a cop!

    Say I have arrested a man for subversive political activities against the government. I also arrest and bring with us to the police station, his 16 year old daughter. If he refuses to name his subversive friends in the underground, I will torture her, right there in front of him.
    That should teach him!

  • It can give information that might not be valid.

    Just because they will not speak about this information does not give you the right to torture them. You don't even know if the information is credible or not. If I was being tortured but I didn't actually know anything about what my accusers are talking about, then the logical thing to do would be to concede, even if I am lying, just so the torture can stop.

  • Its wrong in every sense

    A human being is a human being. I understand that not all people are good, and we do need information but chaining people up, threatening them, drowning them, and other senses of torture is horrific. It is pathetic and dishonorable. Want information? Figure out a better way to do it .

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