• How can you allow the state to control someone's body.

    That is rediculous. Christians and conservatives claim to be supporters of small and limited government, individual rights, and freedom. But when it comes to social issues they throw all of that out the window.

    What if the state decided it was going to control unwanted pregnancies by sterilizing men? Obviously, that is intrusive and the government has no right to your body as a man. But would men allow that? Of course not. Men will say the state has no business intervening in the sex life of individuals. Men will say "I have a right to control my own body".

    Pro-lifers always argue abortion is murder. I'm not going to dispute that, because it is not yet known when the life of a person begins. But I will dispute this notion that murdering a person(in this case a baby) is always against our interests as a society.

    According to the Congressional Institute of Adoption, there are 397,122 children in the foster care system. According to the website, familyhomelessness.Org, 1.6 million children experience homelessness each year. This is 1 out of 45 children. According to thinkprogress.Org, 100,000 children are forced into prostitution by human traffickers every year. And I know plenty of people heard about the mother who got caught a couple of years ago, at the superbowl in NY, selling her daughter for money.

    The point is, some people are not fit to be parents. And society refuses to take care of every child that is parentless or in a unstable household. So, why bring children into the world who will go through these things? Giving women, and couples(men&women), the option to abort a pregnancy, is a benefit for society. It decreases the amount of vulnerable children the nation holds that can be exploited by human traffickers and victims of homelessness. It can also decrease the amount of children vulnerable to gang recruitment.

    I think it is well known poor people have more children than wealthier people. Since this is the case, why not give poor people greater access to birth control and abortion so that society won't have to provide as much welfare to poor people.

    -- I find it rediculous how someone could be pro-life but then support things like the death penalty, and war. Pro-lifers tend to be the biggest supporters of the military and that is profoundly hyprocritical. The military is the most violent and dangerous part of government when it comes to human life, but people have no problem growing it. War is anti-life.

  • It is my body my choice.

    I support abortion for many different reasons. For one I think that if something goes wrong birth control fails, a woman gets raped, or just used bad judgment , she should be able to opt out of a pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I hate that abortion is around, but sometimes it is the best choice.

  • Doesn't fit with current treatment of life.

    Once every single lab rat has been set free, once every anti-biotic and anti-fungal has been banned, once all the bug zappers and pesticides have been eradicated, then you can ban abortion, until that time however it logically must remain legal. Let me remind you that those lab rats we experiment on have far larger brains than the fetus does until late in the pregnancy. The fetus cant even feel pain until the 24-26th week. For these reasons abortion should remain legal at least until around the third trimester.

  • A fetus is not a person.

    By very definition, it is not a person. Roe v Wade defined it further. Either way, it is a woman's right to do with her body what she wants, and that is including aborting a child that was the result of failed contraceptives, etc. If that fetus is not wanted, then the mother should not be forced to keep it, especially when considering her financial situation. Adoption isn't always the best choice, considering the number that aren't adopted, and foster care has been on and off known for neglect. Furthering my statement, in the chance that it harms the mother and the fetus, she should have that choice. Forcing abortion to be illegal will create unnecessary stress for the mother and only increase the number of illegal abortions for desperate women. It doesn't have to be legal for her to get one. I'm sure the number of "accidental" miscarriages will skyrocket when faced with no options. Might as well as keep it legal for the mother's sake. Let her have a safe abortion, rather than leaving her feeling hopeless.

  • It's nobody else's business but mine.

    No one else feels the need to give their opinion about anything else I do with my body, why should they have the right to tell me what I can do with my reproductive system.
    As the person who has to raise the possible child, I have the right to decide whether or not I want to enter into that responsibility.
    Pro-lifers are more than ready to let you know that you have to have that baby or be a murderer, but nobody seems to be stepping up to the plate to parents all of these children they insist we have against our will.
    Giving birth irrevocably changes your body (in ways that are not for the better) and no one should be forced to go through the birthing process. I think that the pro-lifers should be permitted their opinion, but they should stop jamming it down everyone else's throat. If you oppose abortion, then don't have one. End of story.

  • A woman has the right to choose

    I am not a woman, I don't believe in abortion, but its not my life, nor my body, and I strongly feel a woman has the right to choose.

    I liken this to religious freedom and why our founding fathers formed this great nation. You should have the right to do what you feel is right, and no one should be able to stop you. While I wouldn't support your decision if it was to terminate a life and I will picket your choice and fund all kinds of pre-conception education services and such, I feel its still a right you deserve to have even though it sickens me to say so.

  • In the United States of America,

    People are free to do whatever they want so long as they do not encroach on the rights of other people. "Doing whatever you want" includes going to a clinic and having a fetus pulled out of you. The only way to bar someone from "doing whatever they want" is if you can prove that they're impeding on the rights of another person.

    A person receives rights by virtue of being a person. What constitutes a person is a bit more slippery. However, it is somewhere along the lines of maintaining sentience, sapience and agency. Prior to the third trimester, a fetus is nowhere near these qualities. It is then safe to assume that a fetus is not a person and therefore has no rights.

    With all of that, yes, I am pro-choice.

  • I support abortion

    A women has the right to make her own choices for her body. Why should anyone care about what she does with her child? Don’t use religion as an excuse for this, We need use facts to describe this. The fetus isn’t fully developed yet so technically your not murdering a child.

  • Stay away from religion

    If we are going to do this debate, we are doing it right! Religion is not a real argument, you need facts. The facts say that a FETUS is not fully developed, they do not have all bodily systems fully made, it is a mothers decision, and this has already been settled by the SUPREME COURT, more important than any other court or power.

  • What would it fix?

    Regardless of if you ban it or not, it will always happen. But by banning it you put women in greater danger of back alley and coat hanger abortion. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. These "DIY" methods are EXTREMELY dangerous and would still be practiced, don't think we can actually regulate them because we can't. So by banning you are just making it unsafe.

    Setting the whole "IT'S MURDER" in the spot light here...So by saying that. You are legally giving an unborn, unthinking, unliving, being more rights than the person who could possibly die birthing it? Don't say pregnancy isn't dangerous because it really is, so much can go wrong and so much does. But this also means, you've just given something that isn't even a legal ciziten (therefore it has no rights) more rights than an actual ciziten and above all a woman. You've official told a woman she is nothing more than a living, breathing, breeding machine. Congrats, you're no sexist.

    "BUT IT IS A CITIZEN" no, it's not. Legally, a fetus isn't a citizen. It becomes a citizen the moment it is BORN into the world and into it's country and the moment it gets it's birth certificate.

    "BUT MY (insert family member) HAS A MENTAL ILLNESS AND IS THE SWEETEST THING!" great. I'm a truly happy for your family, I really am. But that doesn't mean you have the right to shove it down other's throats. They may not have the capabilities to care for such a child, some view mental illness by choice as suffering. Because all views are different, so it's great your family has unity and love. But others may not.

    "BUT IT WAS HER CHOICE TO HAVE SEX" it was also her partner's. Do not pin this on women only. Besides, did you consider the facts that birth control and condoms can fail? Yes, they can practice safe sex and still get pregnant- and I'm not even going to mention sexual assault or rape victims. Also, did you know some companies give MEN birth control but not women?

    So, it is a woman's right. Not as a human being (because we all look at this morally) but as a citizen in this country. And by God, she should have the right to exercise those rights as she sees fit.

    At the end of the day, we live in America. It's in the BILL OF RIGHTS, people fought hard for it and with that, it can no longer be removed or expunged by any amount of politics because of the Supreme Court which is UNBAIS. If during the most controversial times in the history of this country the right to abortion was put into the bill of rights, what makes you think that now it will be taken out? That isn't how government works. The congress, senate, and president cannot just SKIP the Supreme Court.

  • We Begin to Live As Soon As Conception....

    We are not "tissue," we are small living organisms, still developing our bodies. Even if the mother was raped, she should put the baby up for adoption to go to a family who would love to have a baby.

    Not only is abortion harmful, but it traumatizes the mother, especially with the pill. The mother sees the baby, and she has that vision haunt her. She knows that she had killed her baby. It also aches the mother as if she had given birth anyway, therefore I believe abortion causes more harm, and no good.

  • Abortion is murder.

    Do people realize that all those that are for abortion, have been blessed enough to get the chance to live themselves. Abortion is killing children, no different than it would be after they were born. Life is Good, and it is being taken away from so many. The excuse of not wanting to be burdened with a child is the dumbest excuse ever. It's only used because there is no excuse for abortion. For all you that are for abortion, would you have liked it if your parents would have aborted you before even giving you a chance? Think of what you are putting these kids through. Hear there cry for mercy, give them a chance.

  • God gave us the gift of life...

    ...So we must protect it..... And we can do this........ With banning abortion...... And we....... Can start...... With not doing........ It ourselves....... And maybe...... Our example will............. Rub off on........... Others........... And they will.......... Ban it..... Altogether...............
    (P.S. That was meant to be like a song. :-) :-D ;-) :-)

  • Its your life and the child's.

    I know some people who wouldn't be here if abortion was legal where and when they were born. Babies have been left abandoned or put up for adoption, but either way its better for the baby that it wasn't killed before it even had its chance to make a life.

  • No one has a right to murder another person, no matter where that other person is, or how they got there!

    A fetus/baby/child has a separate blood supply that does not mix with that of the mother. This blood supply can be of a different blood type from the mother's. That being the case, it is clearly not the mother's body. Therefore, the mother does not have the right to do anything to that other body.

  • Pro life .

    Fetuses are human and have been ever since they were conceived. They have their own unique genetic code that can never be copied. It is a unique life and deserves to be protected just as much as the mother does. Now I didn't always use to be pro-life, I used to lean a little more towards pro choice thinking things like "a fetus is just a cluster of cells" "a woman shouldn't be forced to continue a pregnancy she doesn't want" however,I still did not agree with abortion but that was all before I saw the true horrors of abortion. At first, I thought they just surgically removed the baby like they would in a C-section but then I saw what they REALLY did (use a suction device to rip the baby apart). That's when my views changed. Contrary to what pro choicers think, abortion is NOT about women's rights- it's about HUMAN right's. The right to life is more important than the right to body autonomy. It just baffles me how people will fight for the lives of animals but not for their own unborn children. I care about the woman AND the baby- not one or the other. BOTH need to be protected equally. Sorry, but abortion is has always been and always will be MURDER!!!

  • I'm somewhere in the middle, but lean more pro-life

    Like all other rights, none are absolute/unrestricted. Yes, the fetus/infant resides in an independent and self-determining woman who has full authority over her own body. But there is a definite point at which a fetus becomes "alive" and at which point an abortion becomes criminal murder. The existence of this turning point is something everyone agrees on, the difference of opinion is WHEN that point is reached.

    My top concern in this debate is that fetal abortion does not become infanticide/murder. I am a steadfast Christian and so it is of utmost importance that we not mess up on this regard. In order to define the metrics for myself I have to ask at what level a meaningful level of life/consciousness exists. There are 3 distinct phases/trimesters in fetal development: 1) Implantation 2) Accelerated Structural Growth, and 3) Motor & Cognitive Development.

    My personally-acceptable "point of no return" is either when A) the "quickening" occurs or B) any measurable neural activity is present. That usually occurs at or before the 13th week of pregnancy (roughly the very beginning of the 2nd trimester). Before that it is simply a mass of stem cells that has no consciousness and is in no way guaranteed to make it to term. I don't think the age of "viability" is the correct metric to use either, since it is highly subjective and can be twisted by physicians or parent(s) who might not have the interests of the fetus/child in mind. Not to mention that the quickening is a concrete, measurable event that can be prosecuted in court or verified by other physicians. It is also the more conservative limit compared to viability or birth. On a spiritual note, it goes to the verse about God giving life to man: "7 then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature." (Genesis 2:7)

    I don't believe that this relates literally to the act of inhaling/exhaling air. I believe that it's the metaphorical reception of God's breath (aka your soul). The same way that the literal act of baptism in water is not what causes salvation, but rather the spiritual baptism that prompts it, "You heard from me, for John baptized with water, but before many days you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit" (Acts 1:4-5).

  • A fetus is a living human being

    Think about this question:
    "What does it mean when someone is in the hospital and the heart monitor has a monotone sound?"
    Answer: The person has died.

    We determine life and death by a single heart beat. When the monitor is beating, the person is alive, and when the sound goes flat, the person has died.

    A baby's heart starts to beat 18 DAYS AFTER CONCEPTION.

    How can we say that a person outside the womb is alive when their heart is beating, but when a baby is in the womb people claim its not alive, even though the heart is beating.

    True women do have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but if you dont want a baby, DONT HAVE SEX. PERIOD. (rape is a different subject, and is the only exception, but even then is the pregnancy will not kill/harm the mother, I believe that the woman should have the child, then either raise it, or give it up for adoption.)

    If you dont want a child, dont punish them because of a poor decision, instead give them life and place them up for adoption so that they have a chance at life, and so that they can make their own choices.

  • What Are The Rights Of The Unborn?

    Birth is a process that every human being has gone through, so who are you to take it from them? Who are you to say you cant live? WHO ARE YOU to do such a thing? Are you a God that says you live and you die? Who are you to punish someone for something you did? Does everyone in the world say that they wish they had an abortion? If no, then who are you to inflict that upon that child? Who are you to contribute to the 57,762,169 total aborted babies? Who are you to say its your body, but to deny a killer saying its his gun? Who are you?

  • With the exception of rape, it's their own fault they got pregnant, so they shouldn't have that right.

    It's just wrong. Plain and simple. Killing an innocent life, letting people continue to not have consequences to their actions- it's unfair to allow them to just abort. Poor judgment needs to be corrected- it's not going to be corrected unless there's some form of consequence. Abortion is just completely wrong in my mind.

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cca494 says2015-09-25T15:13:37.343
What do those terms even mean?
MizzEnigma says2015-09-25T16:07:21.287

Pro-life -> against abortion, for the life of the fetus.

Pro-choice -> for abortion, for the mother having a choice whether to abort or not.