• Yes I need it

    Just in case some violent man encounters me. I do not seek confrontation, I do not hunt, And I have it concealed. I never want to use it and hope that I do not have to. I have it because some people would want to see the end of me when I have done nothing to them, But just exist. I am a gun carrying minority.

  • I am pro gun liberal

    I like firearms and I am against strict gun laws, But I am also liberal. An accurate list of my views on issues you can see on my profile. I fit definition of liberal "person who believes that government must help people to achieve equality of all and has progressive ideas".

  • The UK has done very well without guns.

    I am from Scotland, Which to date, Only has one recording of a mass shooting incident which happened at Dunblane. I am against people carrying guns. If the bad guys don't have guns, You don't need one either. Ban the lot of them. Simple.

    Also, The US has had the same gun laws since the time it took around 40secs to a minute to load one round. Now you can fire off 100 rounds in half the time. Logic? There is none.

  • Would you rather live in a world with or without guns?

    Would you rather everyone own a gun or that nobody, Not even criminals, Own a gun? Simple question with a simple answer. Let's work towards that dream. Second amendment is dated and useless. It has not stopped the government from treading on you, Nor will it. Gun owners will never rise up against our tyrannical government. They're just too naive

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