• I suppose, if you can call them a race.

    I think most know deep down that whites are the supreme race, though few will admit to harboring this sentiment. I myself have been racist as long as I can remember - probably since I first made contact with a member of one of the sub-human species we refer to as blacks, hispanics, etc, and instinctively recognized it for what it is - an animal. Unfortunately, we humans have decided to introduce these animals into organized society, regardless of the biological fact that an animal cannot perform civilized human behavior. If you put a monkey in a human habitat, who can blame it for acting like a monkey? These animals require a heavily structured and controlled environment, once provided by slavery, before misdirected white kindness became the norm. Now they're running amok in our streets like stray, untrained dogs; a disservice to them and to us. The generosity of whites will truly be our downfall.

  • Oh i am

    I'm white My girlfriend is black but I'm am racist i just don't go for the whole superior race think i believe there is deference between the racist just what pops in your head when i say black nose then white nose it they don't look the same you are to. NFL NBA blacks Powerlifting whites but if we mix breed maybe one day the difference will be small but them we will have the problem Africa has you are 2 shade lighter thing people will always see what is different maybe being clones is the answer.. But i think maybe we should make the close look like me just say lol <that was a joke

  • Love not hate.

    Cant really say that I hate anyone, unless they have done me wrong and deserved it. I am of Northern European decent. While tracing my roots, I found the religion of my ancestors. Needless to say I found it very appealing as well as interesting. Its modern name is Asatru, but back then it was a way of life more than a title. One of the big duties is honoring our ancestors, because essentially we are offspring of the Gods/Goddesses we worship. So yeah, I do love my own race. The way it looks right now in these times, my race will soon be extinct. No one will be white anymore in the very near future unless we love our own kind. Most will call me a "racist" because I want to keep my race alive. Again, I don't hate other races, but I do love my own because it is my duty to secure an
    existence for my people, and a future for my children.

  • To an extent.

    We all are, depending on your definition.
    I am not saying that I hate, another group, nor do I think my race is superior. Fact is, no race is, we are all equal.
    What I am saying is I, like everyone else, feel more comfortable with those they most identify with. Imagine your in a large group of people you don't know. If the group is all similar to you, you feel a sense of comfort. If the group was of various types of people, you might not feel uncomfortable but not as comfortable. Now imagine everyone in the group is the similar but nothing like you, i.E, if your white and the whole crowd is black, or you black and the whole crowd is white. Now you would feel uncomfortable because there is nobody there you identify with. If there was one other person in the whole crowd that was similar to you in appearance, odds are you would be drawn to them to help your comfort level. No, this does not make you a bad person, it just makes you human. It is part of your basic survival instinct. It is the "us vs. Them" idea that makes us feel more comfortable and seek out those who are more like us. Even if we don't know them, because they appear to be similar, then they are more likely to be similar to you as a person. Those that are not like you would be more likely to see you as a threat and could turn on you at any moment. Your subconscious tells you "it is us or them."

    As a note: Again, I don't find people of my race any more or less superior to any other race. I would not support any action that treats others with discrimination. I also would like to point out that this does not just apply to race but of many other factors as well, including but not limited to; religion, age, and sex.


  • I love all kind

    As a human of color,I wouldn't necessarily say I have been treated equally or even looked as equal, but I do accept everyone of all races. I was raised in a mixed neighborhood and have seen one race being treated unequal then other races. As we all know,white is the superior race amongst all kind. We have seen the damage white people;back in the day has done to our society as a whole. Even though my ancestors was enslaved and stripped from their dignity,I have to respect the fact that I have to live with these people and I have to forgive because it's the only way out. I have to say;put from aside from all the bullshit that has happened over the years to get us to where we are today,I am very proud of the White community to a certain degree. We as blacks,have grown and became a stronger race. We as whites,have adapted the blacks. I'm proud to say I love Asian,Hispanic and whites even though some of them have made mistakes. We all have our good and bad quality's,the only way to fix it is to work together and get to know each other a little more. We can't accept a culture if we know nothing of it. So with that being said,I am not a racist.

  • I am decidedly not racist.

    Feeling more comfortable with your own race does not imply that you are a racist, nor should it. Your preferences are your own just as mine are my own. The issue arises when people think they are inherently better than another person purely because of something they had no control of (their race). I would say that we are at a point in time where individuals should be judged based on character and their own personal actions rather than the color of their skin (or their religion for that matter).

  • No I am not:

    Hey, we're all human beings. No amount of hate can change that one fact. So why must we discriminate against other people due to where they were born, the color of their skin, and other factors. I think people who do (and truly mean it) are some of the most ignorant people out there.

  • Why hate people over the colour of there skin?

    Simply shy hate people over the colour of there skin? They dont get to choose the colour of there skin. Would you hate yourself if you were black, hispanic e.T.C? The only true wsy to judge someone id to sprnd time with them and get to know them properly. .

  • Who is going to admit they are?

    I try not to be, color has never been a personal issue to me. However, I have looked at some (what I thought to be) rough looking individuals of a certain race and stayed away from them. Does that make me racist to some? I guess it would, even though I didn't feel any hatred toward them.

    There are racist people all over the world, but it's a term thrown out so often these days that it's lost much of its meaning.

  • Race doesn't matter to me.

    I don't see why people make such a big deal about race. I have never had an issue with anyone because of their skin color. I believe that skin color is just part of your appearance, like a hairstyle. Nothing more, nothing less. Which is also why I don't have a racial preference.

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