• I'm on my way.

    Although I am still young, I am on the way to being ready for retirement, because I put a little away from each paycheck. It comes out of each paycheck automatically, so I do not even miss it. It is a good way to make sure that you are prepared in the end so that you can enjoy your retirement.

  • I am not

    I am not ready for retirement, I am currently 15, i am unemployed, i live with my mother, I dont have any cash in my pocket, i dont know how to set up an IRA or 401k, i wont need to retire for 60 more years so no im not ready for retirement.

  • No, I think i have a long worklife ahead of me.

    No, I think I have a long work life ahead of me. I love the work that I do so I don't think retirement is any time soon. I think if you can find a job that you are in love with then you wont work a day in your life. I enjoy making money doing great work and i will for allot more decades.

  • No, I'm not.

    I not anywhere near ready for retirement but since I am under the age of 30, I don't really think I should be. I put a lot of money in my 401K and IRA's and I think by the time I am 65 I will have enough to comfortably retire.

  • No, I am not ready for retirement.

    Although I would love nothing more than to retire right now, my financial situation cannot currently support retirement. I do not have nearly enough money saved up to support my family or maintain my home, so unfortunately I will be stuck working for quite a long time. However at the moment that I can responsibly retire, I plan on doing so.

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