Are you really as much of a neo Nazi as you say you are, Or is this all a joke?

  • Oh baby yeah

    Infact! I'm so racist that I make Hitler look like a democrat! We should start a nuclear war that kills of ALL the weak genetic degenerates that couldn't survive in such an environment. The white race would be revived, With all the soy boys and sick mutants gone. It will be beautiful.

  • I don't say I'm a Neo Nazi.

    Seriously, Give some other dumb things a try. Kakistocracy, Esoteric Fascism, Ingsoc, Marxist-Leninism, Anarchocommunism, Anarchocapitalism, Anarchoprimitivism, Anarchopacifism, Hoppeanism, Pinochetism, Maoism, Hoxhaism, Clerical Fascism, Pink Capitalism, Corpratocracy, Illuminatism, Etcetera. Besides, If I need to make a Nazi joke, I use the Nazis. If I need to make a Neo-Nazi joke, I use Strasserism.

  • Nope. It's a joke.

    I'm just a bored teenager from Canada with nothing better to do. Kind of like to probe neo Nazis you know. . . See what makes them tick. Don't really do that often but there are a lot of neo Nazis here and someone needed to ask that. Actually I'm an anarchist (shut up Tucker Carlson we're not Nazis).

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