• Atheist, former Christian.

    Many years ago I looked at various mythical beings such as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and so on. I took on each subject with logic. I posed questions about what would be true if the subject was real. If I found that those things were not true, then the subject must not be real. I would further analyze why people may believe the subject was real. Eventually, just for fun, I did the same process with deities (gods). Because the things that would be true if deities existed did not exist proved to me that deities do not exist. If you like I can give your an example but one of the key factors is the fact that many gods have been worshiped around the world. Basically, if there was on one god or group of gods, all people would have that god in their ancient past. Seeing that no one god exists in the history of all ancient belief, no god can exist. (note: I may have to explain some other points but that should give you a rough idea.)

  • If you mean "religious" as in "ascribing to one of the major world religions", then yes.

    Sometimes I hear religion described as trying to do things in order to save yourself a good spot in the afterlife. If that's the definition, then no, I'm not religious. Being religious in that way doesn't get you anywhere. If there is a God who is omnipotent, we can't impress him by jumping through hoops or pressing all the right buttons.

    I am a Christian because I believe that if there was a way to get to God, he'd have to show himself to us, and save us himself. And I believe he did just that through Jesus. Once you meet the most awesome person ever, you just can't help but want to be with him forever.

  • My face is "Religious" sometimes it's "Unreligious"

    Sometimes when I'm around believers I'm "Religious" other times when I'm around unbelievers I'm "Unreligious". I put on a "Cut and Paste" look so I'm not "clowned" for telling either side the truth. I did this while I was around a bunch of Jesus Freaks in Stockton, California. When I'm around skeptics and or atheists I do the same thing. I'm fake as f.Uck.

  • I'm agnostic, and therefore not religious.

    I am agnostic, meaning that without (irrefutable) proof I believe that no one can determine whether or not a higher force/power/entity exists. I am agnostic because I generally make decisions based upon logic, and for me this approach (being agnostic) is the most logical approach to religion.

    I view every religion (as well as atheism and any scientific theories) as all theories that have neither been proven or disproven. As such, they are all equally possible and impossible. I find this approach accounts for every single possibility considering the lack of proof in regards to religion and the issues/questions it addresses and tries to answer.

    Thus, in being agnostic and neither believing nor not believing in a higher force/power/entity I am not religious.

  • No, I don't need any gods.

    People created themselfs gods because they needed something to believe in, something they can hope for. Back then world was even more horrible then today, because people didn't knew much about it and were afraid of it because of this. Weak people are often succumb to superstitions and persistently cling to them. As for me, I am neither ignorant, or weak. The world is ugly and unforgiving, there is nobody who cares about me and nobody who will protect me, this is the way of our lifes, pain and suffering are part of it. I accept this, I will take care of my wellbeing myself, I don't need any gods.

  • There are a fair few reasons that I'm not reigious

    1. In ancient times when we did not know why the Sun rises and sets every day and why the weather patterns occur the way they do, religion was a good way of explaining the unknown, and a source of comfort for people. Today we can explain many of these things with science and we are gaining new knowledge all the time so we no longer need religion to explain them.

    2. People who are religious often take their own religion literally. This leads them to commit atrocities and genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing and I find this particular aspect of religion very frightening.

    3. I believe that in order for the human race to progress ideas must be criticised and improved. Religion is exempt from this criticism because followers claim that they are offended by people daring to question the work of fiction written by another human being hundreds or thousands of years ago.

    4. There is far too much injustice in the world for a Biblical God to exist. If this God exists and allows the innocent to suffer whilst the evil prosper then either it does not care or it is powerless to intervene.

  • I am a proud atheist

    For as long as I can remember, I have opposed the idea of a God or gods existing. As much as I tried, I just couldn't see the logic and reasoning behind religion. I don't bear any hate for religious people, I simply can't understand why they believe in a deity/deities. Also, religion causes a lot of wars, so I'm glad not to have any part in it.

  • I am athiest

    I am atheist, at one point in my life I truly and whole-heartily believed in god. As life went on I slowly sunk into deep depression. Now, I am not blaming all of my issues on god. Its just after a while, I kept questioning why and what was happening and how it happened every time something bad happened. It got so bad where I even questioned gods existence and i slowly lost faith in him. My family has threatened to disown me if I am not catholic and religion has caused many wars and ugly disputes. I am not saying religion is a bad thing. I am saying that I am not religious because religion is confusing and contradicting. Religion gives hope to people and religion also causes devastation and petty fights. However if I had the choice to believe in god I would, but I just cant believe in him. Its not that easy.

  • Anything you can do with religion, you can do without

    -- except live in bombastic metaphysical arrogance, or cringing superstitious fear.

    There is no charitable human good religion can offer that cannot be offered through a secular institution. Religion has produced no beauty that cannot first be found in nature, human psychology, engineering or relationships. Religion offers no comfort beyond the comfort of self-delusion or the compassion of fellow man.

    But religion has given humanity two distinctive gifts: an absolute and incontestible metaphysical excuse for intolerance, persecution, violence, mutilation, torture, murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide; and a cringing fear of intelligent and open-minded inquiry.

    So, no need to embrace religion, and every reason to tone religion down.

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