• Ya whatever i could have posted this in the not sarcastic section.

    Who need supporting arguements when you have jesus hiding out i the middle of your soul telling you to do stupid sh*t so he didn't live in vain?
    Now as a sarcastic person ya its normal for every other word you say to be sarcastic, which if i had worded my carefully stated staement said just now could have been saractic but whatev's.

  • I can be...

    I am sarcastic, and I do believe there is a time for sarcasm. There is also a tie for being serious, and stating your mind. I think that sarcasm is like a strong spice. Too much is overwhelming, and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the receiver. But, it brings a little something to a conversations, humor a little laugh.

  • Sarcasm is a way of life

    Sarcasm is definitely a form of wordplay I engage in regularly. Though, in the modern internet era it has become difficult to make a point through sarcasm without offending someone. People have become to overly sensitive in our society. The only ironic thing here, is I can't find a wonderfully sarcastic way to end a piece about sarcasm.

  • Heck yeah i am!

    I am possibly one of the most sarcastic teenagers where i live. I breathe sarcasm! It is seriously crazy how much sarcasm i use in one day! At home at school in my sleep in my dreams. Sarcasm radiates off of me. I am very quick witted whe it comes to sarcasm. Sarcasm is great

  • I can be, at times.

    Yes, I can be very sarcastic when I want to. I guess its unfortunately the case but maybe it's part of my personality traits-I was never like that as a kid though. Maybe a sign of emotional and/or psychological deteorration and/or regression. Not a good thing, I admit.That's it, I guess.

  • No, I'm not.

    I have never been sarcastic, ever. I always strive to be literal in all my dealings. When angered, I prefer actual fencing over the verbal kind. I do not indulge in such pettiness as flippancy nor engages in activity of a jocular nature.

    I am not sarcastic. This argument is not sarcasm. Also, I don't understand the meaning of irony.

  • Who do you think I am?

    Some kind of lunatic? Don't answer that question, answer this question: do you think a person like me would really be sarcastic? Oh, how clever people are today. Another bonus about people today is that they're not in any way nosy, they're just nice good loyal hard-working citizens. I am not sarcastic.

  • Of course not!

    How can "I" be sarcastic? Sarcasm is SUCH a BAD thing. How could you even think about this? There is NOOOOO way in heaven that I of all people could be satirical. Just incase that one person who lived his life in luxury and is oblivious of the words satire and sarcasm, I was being sarcastic, so...Click to read more

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