Are you satisfied with the current state of the Federal Government?

Asked by: Openmindedperson
  • I don't care

    The reason I am satisfied is that to me, most of what goes on with the US federal government amounts to little more than boring conversation I don't even enjoy taking part in. This is the truth for most of us out there--well aside from whether or not each person actually enjoys talking about it. The fact is that the government is NOT an issue for us. We are protected, we are not bothered unnecessarily, we are treated equally, and we are given opportunity where it is due, for the most part, here in the US. The real individualistic "problems" we point to are usually just anomalies talked endlessly about on sensationalizing media shows. And what we hear from other people are usually just pity-parties where the storyteller in question blames aspects of his shameful life on the inhibitors instituted by the politician or party he and his friends think will make themselves seem the smartest for disparaging.

  • It is satisfactory

    I think that the Federal Government is in our better interest. I believe that it's a great backbone to support this nation upon, and I would love to be a part of it's systems one day. The Federal branch may have it's quirks, but everything does. It's no mystery that the pros of it weigh out the cons.

  • Federal Government Needs Overhaul

    Honestly, the federal government has been slowly but surely declining over the past several decades. I'm talking more than just the Bush II/Obama era, it goes further than that, and a lot of the problem is actually in Congress. Congress needs a severe overhaul, and yet we keep electing the same career politicians who do nothing towards helping the United States improve. Term limits and salary caps, among other issues, are definitely required. I believe in less Big Government and more State Rights. We also need to have better rules about lobbying, and accepting money from lobbyists. There is no one so virtuous that they cannot be bought, and yet we allow the very people who claim to be our voice do just that.

  • I feel the government and laws need an overhaul.

    The current government is a mess, things take to long to get approved or appealed. They bicker and argue about things that are not relevant to the current situation in this country. I think the government needs to allow the people it represents more ways to get involved and to monitor what they spend and do. Tax laws, welfare, defense, etc... Need to be over hauled. If necessary combine many of the smaller programs into one to become more efficient. Welfare spending needs to be cut ( stop letting lazy people live off working peoples money), make a more efficient tax law. Education needs increased spending, stop paying farmers to grow crops that require large amounts of water (ie Rice), or not to grow anything at all, help farmers get more efficient farms equipment. Cut foreign aid and use that money to fix the aging infrastructure in this country. Tax companies that have factories in China where they make the goods then ship them here just because it's a lot cheaper. Limit the term per senator ( maybe 8 years max just like a president), Have equal or as close to equal number of political parties so neither party has an advantage with pure numbers over another. It could force the senate to look at issues and solution in a more logical manor than arguing just to try and make it so their name is remembered. I could careless who it was that came up with a feasible idea to fix this country just as long as they do it and it doesn't go in a merry-go-round within the senate until it's so screwed up that it just gets dismissed.

    Those are just some of the things I can think of that need and should be fixed, updated, and/or overhauled.

    Your thoughts are welcomed, please refrain from flaming others based on their opinions and ideas.

    Best regards,

  • Politician should represent the people, not their own agenda.

    When politicians support those that are not citizens, I thought that was illegal. I thought it would be, as politician represent the American people.
    To represent any non-American without the approval of the American citizen should be treason.
    I can not rationalize a government official taking a stance of protecting people that do not even have a right to vote, This is ludacris,. Our country was founded by immigrants, we do not discriminate, but to allow anyone to take a stance against our founding fathers written laws and constitution, before being acknowledged as an American is simply against the law.
    To allow a government officials to publicly state what they feel is the right of a non-American is what I thought was against the law.
    We need to get a hold of our government. The people rule this country, not our politician. They are elected to represent AMERICANS, and when they take a stance against the President of our country, they should be imprisoned.

  • Absolutely not. I'll tell you what I think so.

    The stinking government thinks that it can make any laws it wants to without any trouble. If big riots happen, it can fearlessly send a bunch of stinking coppers over without any trouble. I'm not saying the riots are a good thing, I'm just saying they are taking advantage of their extensive powers.

  • Term limits should be imposed on congress

    Our law makers no longer stand for anything. The state of Congress has been to follow the leader, stick to party lines, and only do something that helps Americans when their jobs are coming up for reelection. Term limits would ensure our government has fresh ideas and end the Washington insider club.

  • Not at all.

    Very little legislation gets bipartisan support from Congress. And many times, bills that do have bipartisan support take away our rights. Our voting system creates the 2-party system, which shuns other views for 2 main ones.

    Both parties what to spend, spend, spend! If one party got their own way, and the other one didn't, our deficit wouldn't be as high (Social Security and other programs would be in part funded by drastically cut defense spending, and vice versa). But we have extremely spending for both sides. All while we don't have universal healthcare, quality education, and many of the rights our founders gave us.

    Big corporations on Wall Street are able to lobby individual Congresspeople by use of the bribe, and it works, to the detriment of small businesses and the community.

    The United States thinks it can get itself involved with, either with sanctions or actual military force, nearly every major foreign event.

    Other developed countries have relatively sensible Government. Let's learn lessons from them.

  • No way Jose!

    The government is doing bad!You need evidence?Look around you!Obama is trying to focus on gun control while our nations debt is going up so fast!I originally voted for Obama but now I am think I should of voted for Romney.Our government is spending too much on fossil fuels instead of space exploration, better ways to get energy etc!

  • As long as we have people like brilliant guys like Harry Reid in congress, NO.

    When you really think about the way that Congress does things, its pretty scary. Then again we have problems like this because people DON'T think about the way Congress does things. People don't stop and realize that what the left wing is doing is taking away money from large businesses and giving it to stupid things like stimulus and other Government controlled waste. The Democrats have control of Washington because people could care less and because the GOP is split because of the libertarians and other third party groups. Until the Libertarians realise that Ron Paul is just going to die sooner or later and he had no chance, we have NO chance at a stable Government.

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