• Always so talented.

    Yes, I am satisfied with the Voice's Top 10, because it always amazes me how talented they are. These people are no less talented than the people who are selling records. Somehow, the Voice comes up with another crop of Top 10 each season that is just as good as the previous season.

  • No, I am not satisfied with the top 10.

    I can not be satisfied with the top 10 of a show I do not watch. I have no interest in finding out about the show or watching it. I believe tv has to many shows like the Voice. Because of this I do not think I can give a proper opinion response to this question.

  • The Voice Obviously Needs a Pop Star

    After six seasons, and six winners, the NBC show The Voice has yet to produce a "pop" star or even a commercially successful artist. For fans of the show, that's just fine because we tune in to hear true "voices" rather than see "pop" stars in the making (a.k.a. American Idol). Unfortunately, this season, it seems as though NBC is pushing the show to produce a "pop" star by choosing contestants based more on their commercial viability than their true talent. It is almost painful to watch the judges search for positive feedback after many of the contestants perform. In my opinion, there are only two contestants with true "voices", so I won't tune in until the finale. That's sad and disappointing.

  • Voice's Top 10

    Every year it seems as if the Voice disappoints their loyal viewers. The top ten people that the judges picked are not the choice that many Americans would have chosen. The Voice's judges are not as tough as they should be and that makes people who aren't as good stay under the radar resulting in a bad singer staying past their time and possibly winning. They should vote with America then everyone would be happy.

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