• Yes, I believe I am sexist.

    What is sexism?
    The definition of sexism, by Oxford dictionary, is "Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex".

    So one definition, states that sexism is a stereotype on a gender.
    It is a fact that women are physically weaker than men and that men have more testosterone. This is common knowledge and I do not believe that evidence is required for this statement.

    Now that we have established the formal definition of sexism (the one we are focusing on is the stereotyping of women), and we have established that men are on average stronger than women, the stereotype that women are for the most part physically weaker than men is correct because it is scientifically factual that women are indeed such.

  • Begrudgingly, Most Likely.

    While I try not to be discriminatory, I must admit that there is a high probability that I am sexist to some degree. I have taken a few courses on Women's Studies, and many gender inequality issues are simply not discussed. I believe that studies will show that many of these issues are simply not discussed because of male, and in some cases female, ignorance. What we don't know, we can't try to resolve, and gender inequality awareness has been a poorly handled issue for several years.

    That being said, I think that most men and women are bound to be sexist to some degree. There are always going to be double standards surrounding gender relations, whether we admit it or not, but as long as we can be respectful about the big issues, and remain open-minded, then I think we can at least work at it.

  • Only for the sake of defending myself and my own gender.

    But who doesn't? For example, if I were to stumble across a "man-hating" feminist who is either attacking my work or is attacking another individual, I have a great urge to step in and do something about. But I am not one of those people who blames the whole population of the opposite sex for a wrong that has been done against the other gender. I also step into those conversations when I feel necessary.

    So in conclusion, I do believe I am sexist to a certain extent for a certain reason. I do however love women and the things they do. I just can't stand ones who believe they are superior to the other gender. Without one, the other would not exist.

  • I feel at times I take my own stance with my own gender.

    But who doesn't? When I am drawn into a debate with a hard core "man-hating" feminist, I tend to completely step over to the men's side to defend myself and others along with me. I love women and the things they do, but when one of "those" come around, things can get pretty heated. And I'm not one of those people who blame the whole population of the opposite sex for a wrong that has been done to me or another. Those people can get me fired up (because I have dealt with many).

    So in conclusion, I do believe I am sexist...But only for the sake of education and debates I tend to get entangled in.

  • Unfortunatly I can be

    I do not openly believe or support sexist ideals but some of the values I hold and some of the ways I do things are unintentionally sexist. I try to be as open to criticism as I can and open to new ideals as my values and experience allow. I believe that is the best you could ask of anyone. But on the other hand I do not identify as feminist and have no respect for people who judge me on that and in those debates is where unfortunatly my sexism can come out.

  • I do not believe so:

    In a world that is always simply turning it's focus from one sex to another, from girls to boys or vice versa, and still instilling the preciousness of the gender imperative and the defense of sexist narratives I find myself less intensely embroidered in the conflict than most others seem to be.

  • I am not sexist

    I firmly believe that stereotyping and judging without reason are terrible things. I am very against judging someone because of race, gender, or sexual orientation. I do my very best to think of everyone on the same level and I also encourage everyone who reads this to do the same.

  • Nope, but I'm racist.

    Is that worse? I think it is. Races and their history with one another still play a role in the characteristics of that certain race for some weird reason... But women? They are just another kind of human. Sure, they are reasonably different from guys, but isn't that why men and women are supposed to partner up later on?

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