Are you sexually attracted to a profoundly physically fit mate?

  • I support health:

    There is nothing more attractive than a woman who takes care of herself. There is also nothing more attractive than a woman who is able to simply "do" without fear of physical incapability. The statement that running and lifting are unimportant seems to be shortsighted; the ability to hike a distance, enjoy a long walk on the beach, or run to keep up with some activity or catch a show you're late for are all awesome. Being fat and incapable of doing most fun activities that require even a modicum of effort is just a turn-off and I know plenty of people who huff and puff after even a light jog of a quarter of a mile.

  • Although the word fit is ambiguous, I was referring anatomically to the musculature of an individual.

    I prefer women that are voluptuous and faintly thick. Whether or not the individual is competent physically at various tasks such as; running, lifting etc.., is of no importance. As long as the individual is not overweight in a manner that prohibits or alters the lifestyle of the individual, I am content.

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