Are you sick of Democrats and Republicans?

Asked by: Dunlj
  • Party of Marx, Or the Party of Jesus.

    Socialist communistic Liberals or Bible thumping Christian theocrats. How about "none of the above"? Both are parties of slavery, They just differ in form. One wants to take my hard earned money away from me and give it to illegal aliens and other ne'er do wells, The other wants a return to the dark ages - a pox on all forms of monotheism!

  • Why can't we get along?

    Every time one turns on the news. It is always pointing fingers back and forth. It seems both sides aren't listening to people. They are listening to their own drummer. People don't want Abortion up until birth. People do believe in Global warming. People do want border security / Updated fencing and they also want Daca. Could you imagine if they just got along what could actually be done.

  • Throw both parties in the trash

    I don't know about everyone else, But I look at these 2 parties like divorced parents fighting over who gets custody of the kids (us, The american people) Both sides just argue and lie about each other, Making each other look bad so we can pick which side to live with, While I just want them to stfu and do their jobs and listen to what We the people want and need. Im sick of these corrupt clowns. But unfortunately people are sheep and have no minds of their own and will believe anything they tell them. Smh

  • Different Song, Same Dance

    I am sick and tired of the INCONSISTENCY on both sides. Both parties say that country comes first, But over and over again they both have proven that is not true. I am looking for a leader who supports an uncomfortable position because it is the consistent thing to do, Such as not supporting the death penalty if you don't support abortion. Life is life, Period. Similarly if you do support abortion, It is necessary to allow the courts to impose the death penalty even if you personally do not believe it in it, Because again, Life is life and it's the consistent approach.

  • We need massive change in our country

    Our politicians have made the rules so that their parties can continue to stay in power. They get extreme amounts of money from organizations. Both are evil, Both are corrupt. They both make a fool of he US, And step on the backs of the American people. We could have regulations of drug prices in this country, But our politicians would rather us spend more so they receive more. Stop picking the better of two evils and vote for a third party candidate. Change will take decades but it starts with us

  • Fuck them both

    They both are the fucking same. Authoritarian bastards. Oooo aBoRtiOn. Ooo tHiS. UR a bIgoT. All the fucking same. Bunch of lame asses in a two party system of a corrupt fucking system that act like they're trying to make changes in the world when they're not! Lying corrupt politicans!

  • Two-party system is OUTDATED!

    Our system is behind the times, Even though it's young. The fact that we cannot have another party emerge that represents the people and the future is flawed. Many people don't vote or they choose a party they aren't happy with because their vote is otherwise lost. Our government is broken by the entrenched two party system. It impacts what we are supposed to be. . . . A Democracy. . . . Of the people, By the people and for the people not the parties!

  • It's always 'Us vs Them'

    I'll be honest: 2016 was my very first year where I was old enough to vote, and the circus thrown by the media has completely tarnished my view on both parties. Nominally, I am a Democrat, but the only reason I am is because I can't vote in the primaries if I am Independent. I did vote, but not for Clinton or Trump. This election was a sick joke, a parody. And no two people could have NOT have been worse for this run.

  • Democrats definition of equality greatly flawed.

    To the democrats equality always means to acquire something and usually something that only they or one of there constituents can benefit from, equality never means to make some sort of contribution that all Americans can benefit by unless it is at great cost to tax payers and a profit to themselves, the only time they will fight for there country is when they fight there own country taking liberty and property from the rightful owners by deceitful collaborating schemes and policies, and I am sick of them.

  • Competition over DC, Senate & White House

    I feel like they treat the elections as a bid for power and try to urge people against the other party. This happens every election no matter who it is what ideas they have it comes down to who is a Dem or a GOP. Let's see how is best for this nation not who is a member of a certain party.

  • Sick of Democrats only.

    When in power they do nothing but social crap. They ruin everything they touch and then blame republicans. When not in power they whine and cry and incite hate at conservatives. Personally I think they are communist and want unreverseable power to turn us socialist and take all our money. Enemies of the state is what they have become.

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