• Of course I will

    I do not have children. However, I am absolutely sure I will beat my children; well, unless their angels and do not deserve it, which is extremely unlikely. Children respond to pain. How many times will you see a child touch a hot stove. Once. They learn their lesson, and they will learn their lesson when you spank them. It is love, not hate. It is done to ensure discipline and respect. I was spanked, I turned out fine, I do not have contempt for my parents. I see no problem with this form of encouragement.

  • Loves is Pain, Discipline is not vain, Teaching your child that Power stands!

    Survival of the fittest! Aren't we all delighted? What does it all mean? If bullying a form of discouragement and dysfunction to a part of the society then where does "Strategy" and "Progression" comes into place? Without beating your children and implanting trauma of fears, how can this maggots possibly be fit in this competitive environment?

  • Show em who's boss

    When they misbehave in any way shape or form, knock them cold out on the floor,, does not matter if its at a restraunt or on the bus or in a store, as soon as they do ANYTHING you dislike "show em who's boss", BUT NEVER DO IT FOR FUN, EVER!!

  • Not yet but I will be.

    I assume you think of spanking as "beating". It's not. Little kids don't have the cognitive skills to have a rational discussion about why you can't run in the street or torture the family cat or dog. They are like animals at that stage and respond to pain. They will avoid doing unwanted behaviors because of the consequence. This is a simple and proven method.

    Think in the animal kingdom. When a dog is being pestered by another it nips it. This lets the other animal know that that behavior is unwanted. Same thing for a young child. You can't rationalize with kids who's brains haven't developed.

  • Beating is abuse!

    I don't have kids, nor do I want them, nor do I like them. Either way, children are people. Beating children is illegal and abuse. A spanking once in a blue moon for something really bad is okay, but not beating up children! Whoever still does this has serious issues, and needs to see a therapist.

  • Well, just take a look

    Actually beating your kidz doesn’t actually work if you look at it from my perspective as far as I use to get beat up and it only made me worse!!! In my neighborhood most kids are black and I know for a fact that they mom’s use to beat the sh@t out of them, and look at them now “years later” they really mess up! Now if you take the white kid for instance, the type of white kid that whenever he does something bad, his mom seem to always takes the time to intellectualize “why” he did what he did, talk with him about it and then processed to put him in time out so that he may better mediate on why mom don’t like what just happened! So in that way that kid later on he is most likely to stand tall and speak openly to his mom about whatever issue or bad mistake he has made knowing that all she going to do is “let’s talk about it”, get mad then tell him that she loves him and he has her support ! Not saying that the black mom don’t do that but from what I have seen in different home she is so quick to beat him down physically and mentally by been so straight forward that for his young mind it might be too much, therefore develop a bitter consciousness about the all concept of “talking openly” to his parent, he will grow insecure and make the conclusion that he needs to run away from any higher intelligences form of discipline “teachers, cops etc…”

  • It is illegal

    It is no longer seen as socially acceptable to beat children, if you do you are just as likely to end up with the police knocking on your door and a one way ticket to Jail.

    Discipline is about teaching children to think not about installing fear into them. Hopefully these archaic measures are being phased out totally.

  • I never did, so "no".

    This is always presented as some sort of puzzler question that you can't get out of but it's actually very very easy to answer. Unless the moment you open your mouth to say "I never..." they interrupt and aggressively say "YES OR NO! YES OR NO!" in which they are just being rude and that's not a problem unless you're in court in which case hopefully the judge will know not to allow this.

  • I don't know how to answer this question?

    Someone asked me this, and I did not know how to answer. Ooh look I see a deer in my yard. Deer are very ugly, someone should go into Valley Forge Park and shoot a bunch of the deer. Oh wait, they did that. Hey I reached my 50 word minimum.

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