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  • It's what they do.

    No, I am not surprised by NFL star Aaron Hernandez's prison fight, because every criminal says that they are not guilty. People do not know how to be held accountable for their actions. The reason that they are claiming they are not guilty are the same reasons that they have used to rationalize committing the crimes in the first place.

  • No, I'm not suprised about Aaron Hernandez getting into trouble in prison.

    Aaron Hernandez's recent trouble in regards to him fighting in prison isn't in the least bit surprising. I think that it is clear that Aaron Hernandez has a habit of getting into trouble. And the fact that he's a pro player isn't going to changed that. I think he will be in prison for a while.

  • No, I'm not

    He clearly has violence issues, while he's not convicted of anything yet the evidence is pretty overwhelming that he had some involvement in at least one murder. Why would anybody be surprised that he got into an altercation in prison with another person? This isn't surprising, it was inevitable it'd happen.

  • No, not at all.

    am I surprised that an ex NFL star had a fight in prison? No, not at all. Firstly, it's prison, where fights happen all day every day. Secondly, it's an ex football player and celebrity who was probably challenged to a fight just for those reasons in general. It is no surprise at all.

  • Football players are trained for violence

    Most NFL players conduct themselves as professionals and accord themselves off the field quite well. However, the game is inherently violent and players are paid quite well to bulk themselves up and hit other freakishly large men on the field. It is no surprise that this can lead to behavioral problems off the field.

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