• No Surprise Insurance Costs Are Rising

    Insurance premiums, just like everything else, continue to rise. It is no surprise at all that insurance companies are charging more and more with each passing year. However, it seems that the higher the cost of premiums, the less coverage is offered to the insured. With higher costs, the insured should be given better coverage than in previous years.

  • Rising insurance premiums for 2015 are not a surprise.

    Rising insurance premiums for 2015 are not a surprise. Due to the infrastructure of Obamacare and the lack of enrollment, pressure has been placed on both insurance companies and individuals. According to a recent Mckinsey Study the overall median rise is expected to be about 4% however, this percentage may vary based off of each city and state.

  • No, I'm not surprised that insurance premiums are rising.

    As much as inflation and the cost of living have continued to increase over the last few decades, it's hardly surprising that insurance premiums are also set to go up. In fact, in a way this should be even less surprising, given how opaque and even arbitrary is the system by which premiums are calculated. Anyone who's surprised is just naive.

  • No - We live in a claim nation.

    I am not surprised that insurance premiums are going up in 2015. I base my opinion mainly on the fact that many more people are claiming for injuries, even if they don't really need to, fueled by the rise in no win no fee lawyers. The cost has to be borne by someone, and unfortunately that is a little on every ones premiums.

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