• Glad Jace didn't get off.

    I'm surprised that Michael Jace was found guilty, but it is surprised in a good way. In Hollywood, it seems like many people get away with terrible crimes just because they are rich and famous. He is guilty of murder, and I am glad that he wasn't able to buy his way out of a conviction.

  • No, confessing to a crime indicates guilt

    No, I am not surprised that Michael Jace was found guilty of murder because he confessed to the crime. He called the police after having shot his wife, saying, "I shot my wife." This indicates guilt to me and, thus, it makes sense that he was found guilty of murder.

  • No, I was not surprised.

    No, I was not surprised that Michael Jace was found guilty of murder. There seemed to be enough evidence to show that, while he may not have intended to kill his wife, he probably did. It is definitely an unfortunate event that seems to have come from emotional trauma and will only lead to more. The fact that he was an actor and star doesn't change his guilt or innocence, just puts him in the limelight.

  • Michael Jace guilty verdict not a surprise

    Actor Michael Jace's guilty verdict was not a surprise. A jury convicted him of killing his wife, and the evidence overwhelming supports this decision. He admits on the 911 call that he shot his wife. He also does not appear to have called for help right away, arriving at the house around 8 and placing the call at 8:30.

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