• I'm so tired of it...

    I'm not good at interpersonal skill and communication. I'm not kind of ingeniuos neither. So when other friends in my class no many secrets about each other... When talking with them, I feel like knowing nothing and they tricked me, but I didn't know... That feeling is really NOT good.

  • I'm just curious if you are:

    I mean are you tired of it or not? If you are not then please explain to me why not and how it benefits your life. If you are then please explain to me why you are and what you intend to do to change your life (and how you think it will be bettered through the changes).

  • Stupidity is a matter of perspective.

    In my opinion, we are never entirely without some ignorance. There will always be something about something that we don't know and that's exciting! It's a never ending quest to KNOW more. I think the best thing we can aquire is wisdom--to understand and love the essence of life which is to grow and evolve as an individual as well as a specie. It's all a spectrum. I speak of knowledge, yes, being a spectrum. And depending on where you are on that spectrum is what you see in the world and your version of the possibilities and capabilties of yourself and others. So, really, what is "stupid" or "genius"? It'd be wise to say that both are examples of who we are, where we've come from and where we are going. It'd be wise to say that the distinction is more personal than many people realize.

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