Are you tired of religious polls and debates and opinions?

Asked by: Russian
  • Too many of them

    Religious topics have been overflowing DDO, Im sick of them! I'm not saying I'm not religious, because I am, but eventually religious topics can get boring and sickening, we get it, there's atheists and theists and they want to fight each other to the death, but fighting to the death gets boring after you post 100,000,000,000 of them on 1 website.

  • Tired of religion all together

    Does it matter what religion you are? No it doesn't so if you are a religious person good for you but keep to yourself there's no need to try and get everyone to agree with you because your just going to cause chaos. People are not religious it doesn't matter be whatever you want and don't try and force your beliefs on others because everyone is sick of it. The world would be better of with no religions of they are going to cause so much hate.

  • It's not going to stop.

    I say this because this is what others want to see. A lot of people like to post on religious polls and debates. I am not one of them but there are people who like them. It gets annoying after awhile. It doesn't matter what religion you are. I wish others would just keep their religious topics to themselves and/or their counterparts.

  • No (not yet.)

    I may be biased since I've only been here for two days, but I'm not tired of seeing them yet. I still find them interesting to read(or skim if it turned into the equivalent of a screaming match.) Y'all are acting like religious debates are just awful anyway. If they annoy you so much, just skip over them.

  • I agree in spirit, but in practice, no

    However, in my personal opinion it would be excellent if there were a kind of "hall of fame archive" for the best and most relevant debates. Maybe there is already? I don't know I've only been here a month or so. Point being, I think a lot of the trouble is that the arguments are rehashed so often, and if we could maintain a running list of definitive conclusions, we could simply cite those conclusions without rehashing the entirety of the argument again. New debates could pick up where old debates faltered, so on, but we cut out a lot of the needless repetition.

  • Religion is Everywhere

    In a world in which a majority of people are theistic, you are almost guaranteed to be confronted with religion. Taking part in a debate website will increase your probability of seeing religious topics, since it (religion) is one of the most debated topic in the world today next to politics. If you don't like them, ignore them. Simple.

  • It is important to note

    That if conversation about the unknown was to cease, we would not be able to grow, socially, scientifically and spiritually. As nothing new would exist to prove or disprove. And we need to continue to grow spiritually , not for some need save an eternal soul. But to become better humans, neighbours, family members, friends, nations. And just to be clear, spirituality does not need to have a connection to a god. It's only a non-physical connection to people, places or things.

  • There is no

    Such thing as too much of a meaningful topic. Its a big issue, and I am happy that it gets discussed a lot. Ultimately, the existence of a deity will be one of the major determining factors of the end result of human existence. How can you possibly get tired of that?

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