• The primary elections do not need so many debates.

    I feel that the high number of debates can be attributed to the TV networks and their advertising profit. One can only listen to the same questions and answers so many times. The number of debates should be limited to a number that the candidates and the involves political parties agree to. The TV networks should not have a say in the amount of debates that should be held nor should candidates be penalized by the media for not attending.

  • Yes, I am tired of Republican debates.

    Yes, I am tired of Republican debates because the candidates talk about the same thing every other week and the debate ends up not being productive in the end. Because of the frequent number of debates, the debates are no longer focused solely on the issues but on other things hat are very unproductive.

  • I am tired of Republican debates.

    I am tired of Republican debates because they are not truly debates. They end up being shouting matches with each candidate just putting the other down and trying to gain attention rather than calmly discussing how the candidate would serve the people. They are just an opportunity for Donald Trump to say something outlandish, which is why I am tired of them.

  • Debates are a positive thing

    No I am not tired of Republican debates or Democratic debates for that matter. Debates provide the opportunity for the country to become more educated. We have the right to vote and we shouldn't take it for granted. Part of that right is to educate yourself on the issues. Every debate gives you another opportunity to learn something new.

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