• According to facebook you are transgender

    The United States FACEBOOK list for Transgender has 58 choices and the United Kingdom's list has 71 choices. The UK's list includes "man", "woman" and both lists include "other". Even with these 58/71 options there are complaints that the existing choices are not enough. For those people, Being able to self-define is acceptable. Using these labels, Everyone is covered under these labels. If Facebook says it that's pretty much the way it is. We know that no one is 100% anything. . I could say more but this is enough at this point. Google Facebook and you will find this information and much more.

  • Most assuredly not.

    I am most assuredly male. I have a mustache. MALE. I have a penis. MALE. I have XY chromosome. MALE. This is the scientific definition of what it is to be male. I can't pretend to be something I am not. Otherwise I would say I am a dog so I could poop outside (although I could just move to San Francisco I guess).

  • NO I am a cis gender

    You see I was born with a penis and some balls. I found out later that this made me male. Ok so lets recap I have a penis and some balls ok and later I started growing hair everywhere right so that must mean I am a male because society said that males have the big hair everywhere and habe penis and ball. Ok so I am not a train gender

  • Medical schools teach otherwise

    People can get testicular implants, But if you don't have your own working epididymis which connects to the vas deferens to deliver sperm; that's something you can't implant when you're talking about physical anatomy.

    People also undergo dangerous procedures to try to prove a point, Then they suffer the consequences.

    In the end you can call yourself whatever you want (and i'll respect that too), But mess with your anatomy, And you will eventually mess yourself up and run into doctors that don't know how to help you in certain situations.

  • It doesn't matter you are still male or female

    No amount of surgery or hormones or clothing will change what you are.
    That is an identity disorder that you have. Honestly we have body positivity for fat people to accept their weight and we tell girls that they have to accept their face no matter how ugly they think they are.
    But if someone says they are not a male and need to be a women you weirdos want to do dangerous procedures,

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