• I am a proud Fascist/Nazi sympathizer and I'm not ashamed to say it

    Why is it that colonial apologists and Nordicists and Klansman usually don't get the same kinda scrutiny that fascists and Nazis get? I don't hide my feelings. I hate what colonial Denmark and Britain did and I will never stop protesting. I believe that Inuits have a right to wage war against an oppressive country (in this case Denmark).

  • I am unapologetic.

    I am completely open about my National Socialist beliefs, and do not apologize for them. I support their economics, social systems, and educational institutes. I find anyone who is afraid to state what they believe doesn't really believe in that at all. Also is there a specific reason Hitler is specifically shown?
    Are you directing this at NatSozis?

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Mike01506 says2014-05-13T19:54:16.357
This should be a poll