• Icon comedienne of the 20th century!

    Granted, I wasn't extremely upset over her death, but I will miss her now that she's gone. It was just too sudden - she could have lived to 100 had she not gone in for that surgery! Her caustic with and couldn't-care-less attitude were disliked by most, but it was all part of her shtick!

    R.I.P Joan Alexandra Molinsky

  • Yes, I'm incredibly upset.

    She lived a life of selfish privilege and caused the pointless deaths of countless animals so she could have her precious coat. It's a real tragedy that she couldn't croak sooner and that she had a better death than the far more noble creatures which she decided to wear. No sympathy.

  • I'll miss Joan Rivers, she was a very funny lady.

    One thing about Joan Rivers, you either loved her or hated her. There was no in between! Either way you had to respect her go for broke humor. She spared no one and was always spot on with 'attacks' she made on her victims. She shattered the 'glass ceiling' in stand-up for all the female comics that would follow her. R.I.P. Joan!

  • Joan Rivers death

    I am upset over Joan Rivers death. Though I did not this person personally in real life I do feel some remorse over any body in this earth passing away. Every life matters and is important. Not only the person in particular but also the people they left behind are in remorse and you feel bad for them.

  • No one should be...

    Yeah she died, you can feel compassion for the family. BUT being upset over someone you don't know is ridiculous. No one but the families or close friends should care about celebrity deaths. Cory Monteith (a druggie, no need for compassion there), Amy Winhouse (an alcoholic, no need for compassion there. But, the media obsessed over her anyway, while many Norwegian families realised their child wasn't coming home. Nah, someone who just had a little too much to drink, SO important), Whitney Houston, Paul Walker, all were fairly popular, but their deaths shouldn't affect us. There are plenty of other disasters around the world, and ONE death shouldn't be included. Only those related or those who knew these people should mourn, and this goes for everyone.
    So, let the family grieve, and continue with life. Thousands die every second, and one shouldn't consume you (plus, as a positive note, thousands are born every second, which is nice)

    Best wishes to the family, by the way.

  • I didn't know who she was...

    I am trying to be upset though because it is the right thing to do but otherwise there's no real incentive for me to be angered or emotionally swayed at all over her demise. I still don't know how she died, what time she died, what her career was composed of, or anything like that.

  • No, the death of Joan Rivers did not upset me.

    No, the death of Joan RIvers did not upset me. Although her death is, of course, difficult and shocking for her family, friends and co-workers, it has not particularly upset me. At 81, Rivers led a long and fruitful life. Her death was sudden and unexpected, but death is after all an inevitable part of life. The media is making too much of her death and needs to move on.

  • Funny lady, but we all have to die

    Joan Rivers may have died from complications following surgery, making her death a little unexpected. However, she was 81, and all surgery has its risks, so she had a pretty good innings. I wish her family well, but as someone who didn't know her personally, this is not a particularly shocking or tragic story.

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