Are you voting for Trump? If yes or no, justify your answer.

Asked by: Puckle
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  • Too many reasons to count

    Why not Trump? For starters, do we want a sexist, racist man as our president? One who treats women like objects, as if they are inferior to men? One who treats muslims as if they are any less than those of other religions? Voting for Donald Trump would be completely insane. He pollutes society in unimaginable ways, he spreads the incorrect message to the community, teaching young minds of children the wrong look on our civilization. I would like you to think about this: would you want your children to learn and take on immoral and unethical behaviour? Do it for others. Not just yourself, but the generations ahead of us.

  • No, there are several reasons not to elect Trump

    1) 19 of his businesses have failed. Trump is not a good businessman if he can't successfully run companies. If he can't keep a business going, how can he lead a country.
    2) His companies are 2 billion dollars in debt. If you want to fix our countries debt problem, why would you elect a man who can't keep his business out of debt?
    3) Deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants would cost $500 billion and hurt the economy $1.6 trillion

  • 1. No experience

    He has no experience governing or legislating. I need 41 more words to justify my claim (according to this website). Here are some random words.. I would like to admission of the Bible is a good thing free will be the first time you have to be a good thing

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