• Donald's a liar

    Look at fact checker.....Her motives are for America, his are only for himself and nobody else at all. Her arguments show she cares but not only that her track record supports her statements. His track recird is abysmal, bankruptcy, abuse and total disrepect of women. Do not let this awful man ruin America

  • A person with more experience

    If i go to the doctor states that I need brain surgery. I am going to look at a surgeon who has experience with that field. I would not have an dentist doing the surgery just because he is a doctor, Now why would I have the person who is going to be President of US be some one who thinks he has political experience just because on his television show he gets to tell people they are fired. I want and smart choice is to choose a person who has the political experience.

  • I'm with her

    Hillary has spent most of her life fighting for the people and for what's right. In the debate she listed what Trump did and what she was also doing during those times. Hillary has really made an impact on children and on the American people. She is the person we need for the White House.

  • Yes I'm with her

    She has always been a fighter. Donald Trump talks about her getting nothing done but in fact she got a lot done.
    1.She could have gotten herself a job at a fancy law firm but instead she worked for the children's defence fund.
    2.As first lady she helped kids get healthcare
    3.In the senate she helped pass laws for woman's rights and the environment
    4.As secretary if state she negotiated so manny treaties and also stopped the Iranian nuclear program

  • I'm with nobody

    Hilary Clinton isn't going to fix America. In fact America is just a greedy corporation rather than a country and like the rest of the world has lost its humanity. This world is politically dead to me and there is no hope for the so called American Dream. Hilary is no better than any other politician and isn't some superhuman that can fix everything. America may not be doomed yet but society itself is on the decline. Gay marriage and drug liberalization are still in hot water. America is on the verge of becoming a theocratic dictatorship. Hilary cannot stop America from falling apart. Neither can Trump.

  • She is a liar!

    I don't like her at all. Donald Trump is one brilliant man and he deserves to win. Her husband was already president, no need for her to be president. Me being a women I am thinking that they should just keep the line of men to be president, not women.

  • Remind me again why I would be

    Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician of our time. Donald Trump is not exactly a perfect man himself, but he is not a Machiavellian liar who deleted 30,000 emails and silenced rape victims like Paula Jones. She and Bill Clinton receive donations from oppressive countries like Saudi Arabia while ignoring countries in need of help like Haiti.

    Also, I don't agree with her policy all that much.

  • Absolutely not no

    Hillary Clinton is funded by the big banks, funded by George Soros, funded by China, funded by Saudi Arabia, and funded by Russia.
    She is a flat out racist neo nazi pig, she supports child sex slavery, she supports FGM, she is a felon, traitor, a lying kinyving treacherous dirtbag.

  • Please watch Clinton Cash easily available on YouTube

    The Clintons are practiced and polished politicians. They can fool you. They try to make Trump appear as a buffoon. And true, he is far from perfect. But the Clintons are evil. They want Trump to appear as the racist, look at the documentary above,and watch how they treated Haiti and various African countries. These people don't care, they just want to pad their pockets. Their opinions can be bought and sold. They are dangerous.

  • Nope, not at all.

    I disagree with much of what Hillary is for. She promotes the killing of babies, she wants free college, which wouldn't work, and many other things. She can't be trusted with emails, and like Donald Trump says, she's had 30 years to do something about our problems, but she hasn't.

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