• Yes, the Internet is not a secure place.

    Yes, I often worry about my e-mail and other Internet accounts being hacked. With companies selling your personal information, and insecure Wi-Fi hotspots, there are constant threats to account security. Even large businesses are finding themselves vulnerable to hackers. Because I frequently use public Wi-Fi and I have created so many accounts with less than trustworthy companies, I realize that I could be susceptible to hackers.

  • I do worry about having it hacked!

    Lately I have seen many spam emails of fake companies trying to get you to send in your information and stuff. Which has me worries that some would like access to my email account! I am worried because I've had to change my password a couple times due someone hacking in!

  • No, I am not worried about having my email account hacked.

    No, I am not worried about having my email address hacked because I never shop very often at Home Depot and there really isn't much on my email address for them to get a hold of. All i get is emails from junk places and scam newsletters. So they can hack all they want.

  • No, having your email hacked is something that can't activiely be prevented

    There's really nothing I can do to prevent my email from being hacked in my opinion it is pointless to worry about this; so instead of worrying about it I save any emails I need with personal information to an external hard drive or print them out instead of leaving them on my email account for a potential hacker to access. While it may be embarrassing if a hacker gets access to email account and sends out emails from my account it is unfortunately part of life in this technological age and the majority of people are understanding when it happens.

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