Are young adults encouraged in patriotism in the USA?

  • Yes they are

    I think it is appropriate enough to say that yes, young adults are encouraged to be patriotic because they have to register to vote which in my opinion is a way that the government tries to encourage patriotism onto them and because they try to manipulate them to join the army.

  • Yes there is still a lot of patriotism

    I think young adults are encouraged in patriotism. Before every sporting event there is the national anthem. God Bless America has become more popular and the recognition to our troops who protect our country is very high. Since 9/11 I think there is a clear rise in patriotism in young adults.

  • Yes patriotism is still high

    Patriotism in America is still very high including in young adults. Since 9/11 I think there has been more patriotism then in the past. The National Anthem at sporting events, saluting troops, and God Bless America are all examples of patriotism in the US. It is very strong among young adults.

  • Patriotism is considered bad if you are white and living in r are from a western nation.

    The liberal media consistantly attacks Western patriotism, labelling all non leftists and many patriots as warhawks and fascists. White guilt and Western guilt for actions that may have been caused by relatives are shoved down people's throats. I am an Irish American who is told that I owe blacks for slavery even though my family immigrated from Ireland to Canada and the USA n the 1900s, after slavery was banned. Feeling national pride is condemned while flag burning is protected and screaming violent messages against law enforcement and America is called peaceful activism.

  • No, patriotism is not as common as it once was.

    It seems like children are not being encouraged to be patriotic as much. It used to be common in schools to say the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the day, when I was young. We would also salute the flag and commemorate Veteran's Day. A lot of this has fallen to the wayside due to political correctness. I think it's sad, since patriotism honors the people who have sacrificed their lives for us. It teaches us to be appreciative for others' sacrifices.

  • During The Fourth of July

    For the most part, I do not believe young adults in the United States are encouraged to be patriotic. I believe this is because parents, those in higher age brackets, are becoming more and more cynical towards the American government. Young adults are far more likely to hear their parents talk about the faults with government, rather than hear them talk about the importance of being patriotic.

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