• Young adults are pessimistic about the American Dream, and with good reason.

    Unfortunately for the young generations of Americans, the phantom of the American Dream is fading quickly. Not only did these people see some of the worst economic disasters ruin peoples hopes and dreams, they witnessed the government and those responsible come out clean or profit with "golden parachutes". The security that their parents and older generations relied on with social programs like Social Security, are all but a cruel joke the young adults. They feel 20%+ of their checks disappear into a the social security fund with no hope of ever recouping it. Most of the traditional jobs that allowed for hard working American's to reach for the American Dream have vanished and are outsourced overseas due to government programs that encourage such behaviors. The only way for a young adult to obtain a higher paying job is for advanced educational degree but the cost of such education has sky rocketed to levels that either will require decades of debt or being born into wealth. Yes, it is safe to say the American Dream is all but gone for the young adults.

  • No, they are correct.

    I feel like young Americans have every right to be pessimistic about the American dream. They were sold a bill of goods about how easy it would be to get a great job and make their way in the world. Now saddled with thousands in student loans and a lackluster economy, they have every right to feel mislead.

  • No, Young adults are merely stating the reality of their American Dream.

    No. Young adults are not too pessimistic about their American Dream. The road to achieving the American Dream has many obstacles that were not present for the previous generations. Furthermore, the current economic and political system of the United States is increasingly favoring those who are already wealthy; the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • American Dream is just a dream

    Young adults have it right, there is no such reality as the American dream. As with all dreams, they are a lovely fantasy, but just not real life. Very few people actually find the American dream, realistically, they are right to be pessimistic, for most people it will forever remain a fantasy while they continue with their dull little lives, in dull ordinary jobs and with dull ordinary relationships.

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