• Yes, but with an ounce of no

    I will say this, as song who used to be a teen (unless you're referring to young adults). It's just in our nature. We don't have to work. We're young. We just want to enjoy life before we become adults (which is when responsibilities kick in). I guess that's what it is.

  • The evidence suggests it.

    It seems quite straightforward that the youth and younger adults (10-24) have a lot to learn in all bygone eras. That is to say, knowledge and wisdom, generally expand with age and experience. If it were true that younger is better in this mental capacity areas, then the newborn would be at the top of the heap. Clearly, this is not the case. Let's face it, as cute as babies are, they function at the level of a severe moron. Yet, we say "we live in a youth-led culture!" This trend, based on the stupidity of youth, seems quite dangerous and scary.

  • No, but older people seem to be.

    Studies show that contrary to the (disturbingly) popular belief, younger people are less entitled than the previous generation, have a higher level of tolerance, and more are accepted into college than the previous generation.

    On the other hand, as a person ages, their neurological pathways (synapses) begin to deteriorate, and if this gets serious enough, this can lead to a conditions like Alzheimer's or senility.

    Face it people. My generation might actually be better in many aspects than the previous generation.

  • Young people are not basically stupid.

    Although young people are naturally inexperienced, not all of them are fundamentally stupid. Of course, there are people of every age group who are genuinely less talented than others. However, most young people merely appear to be stupid because they have less experience. They appear stupid to their more experienced elders.

  • Not enough evidence to support.

    I don't call young people stupid. If we're talking young, like k-5, then it's because they're small children and their brain's aren't as developed as older people. If we're talking teenagers, it may be because they simpily don't understand something. I'm a straight A honor student, yet I almost failed a class That doesn't mean Im stupid, I didn't get. Algebra was to me as Hieroglyphics were to pre 19th century scientist. They had no way of translating it before the Rosetta stone. That doen't mean they were stupid. They simpily couldnt understand it.

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